Reviews for Boys Will Be Boys
A.J. Pritchard chapter 1 . 10/9/2008
i like this story a lot, its got a lot of potential... i especially like switch, he's a character that doesnt get a lot of attention and needs to be fleshed out more for damned sure. maria seems to just evaporate in the story though, it seems as if the story careens from her experience to the boys as if you had nowhere left to go with her. ive got a bit of a weird suggestion though. yuko - the half japanese, half italian... she seems sexy as all hell, like a real femme fatale. assuming you're of legal porn viewing age (fuck it; who cares) go to and look up this porn star named ava devine... i dunno if you know of her but shes a pretty big name in the industry, huge whore, half japanese, half italian... wikipedia her even, shes on there... i checked for you. do some research on this chick and add some elements of femme fatales like poison ivy and catwoman and you've got one unstoppable bitch. i dont wanna be a dick and tell you what to write, but if she was more of a ringleader, controlling these guys like they were her slaves... she'd win the audience over for sure man. keep it up though, liking what i see.