Reviews for Plantation
Sobriquet Queen chapter 1 . 10/3/2008
Just the one story? That's quite terrible, because it is very good. I like little stories like this, with the tension and suspense. I have absolutely no criticisms at all. It might be nice to know a little more information about the woman and her child and where she's coming from, I suppose, but I understand the necessity of secrecy for pace and the build-up. And the happy-ish ending - well, it is ambiguous enough to placate any pessimist, but I personally like it, although it shouldn't have been so... easy. And not easy for her, but easy for you to write - but then this is a kind of story most suited to its current length; to add any more means losing what you have - you've walked a very fine line, and kept your balance. Very nicely done.

I hope to read something else by you in the future.