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Feline Wings chapter 1 . 12/16/2011
I swear. If this gets turned into a book (unless it's already one-then...fuck.) and makes it's way to anywhere near my home country's bookstores or libraries, I will start to spazz all over the place and then buy it. I was thinking of just buying all in stock, but epicness MUST be shared or there will only be about 2 girls in the world dying of extreme blood-loss in their homes. Sorry if my review sounds kind of immature, but i just wanted to explain my inexplicable unexplainable liking for your story. I'm off to read the rest of the chapters as i am chapter 4 but stopped when it was getting to nice to leave a review because i picked up you feed off reviews (like several other amazing authors) and i decided i should contribute to your plethora of reviews. Ta~!


ps, is the a word limit on how long a review can be because it sure doesn't look like you read this and it brightens your day (letting you have an incredibley good day, or night, or whatever your timezone is.) Saying good bye again, and (really) early Merry Christmas.

Unless you don't celebrate Christmas, then sorry for being rude.
camikaza chapter 79 . 12/8/2011
I read your story in about three days instead of preparing for my coming exams. Just wanted you to know that.

Putting that aside; I absolutely adored your story. No really, I read a lot of stories just for the sake of reading 'em, but this one just drew me in completely... It makes me want to print it all out, bind it in a pretty cover and put it in my bookcase really X3 I really loved the plot twists written in such a way that I discovered them just at the right timing, and your way of describing the colours, and feelings ( I'll refrain from commenting about the sex; and let you figure out on your own what I thought of them) were written so well! It makes me want to draw them in pretty colours X3

Well anyway, I noticed that this story is from a fairly long time ago, but I hope you'll still be able to read this X3

Don't you ever dare to remove this story from your profile, cus I intend to reread it again sometimes!
Elyah chapter 79 . 12/6/2011
Thanks for sharing this story ; it was really amazing, well written and even at some times breath taking... The characters were fascinating and there really was a good plot behind this story so once again thank you !
Milu chapter 79 . 11/26/2011
This is probably THE BEST story i've read in fictionpress, seriously, i loved it, i was hoping there would be a treesome, an there was! i really love you for putting them all together. I looooooved the end "Akitra laughed, a deep, rich, very-pleased-with-his-own-joke chuckle. Jak and Maika glanced at each other and sighed." That's sort of how i imagine their relationship, Jak and Maika having to "control" Akitra because... well, because he is Akitra.

This story is my favourite so far, and mostly when jak is having sex with Maika, and Maika won't let him come because he needs to be in control so he has to hold on idk i loved that part... lol i'm mean xD

Now i'm going to read moonlight :)
Sheevera chapter 2 . 11/16/2011
I was looking for this story everywhere on storywrite. I'm so happy I found it again. Its really good.
lost in pale blue chapter 79 . 11/7/2011
I am exploding with glee right now! I have a huge grin on my face and my brain is going Eeeeee!1!

Seriously, I wanted Jak with Maika so badly and was heartbroken when I thought they were over. But I had also warmed up to Akitra as the story progressed and was conflicted. I started to hope for a happy threesome, so you can imagine my immense joy when I discovered that's where it was heading :D

I also was rooting for Izeri and Charias to get together, so \o/

I am the happiest of campers right now. Thank you for this awesome story!
Sage chapter 79 . 10/29/2011
night flame miko chapter 79 . 9/5/2011
I love you. I wasn't too sure about reading a non fanfiction story, but a friend of mine recommended this (said I'd legitimize all those dumb blonde jokes if I didn't enjoy it), and I am soo glad I did. You have wonderful characters and I love your twists. Like the fact that (Spoiler!) Jak got together with both Maika and Akitra? Did -not- see that coming. I always knew it would be Maika, because of the title, but Akitra? He seemed like too much of a crazy asshole to get someone like Jak to fall for him. And then you gave him -depth- and that changed -everything-.

Just thank you. I'm going to read all your other stuff now. Starting with Moonlight (if you've put it up yet). XD


(I have a fanfiction account under this penname if you want to respond :D)
systemDOWNgrade chapter 79 . 9/1/2011
Beautiful story. it had me stuck for 2 whole hours on the computer, till my eyes were sore and i finished the last 42 chapters today.

I would say, too much smut, although I like smut and all, but it sort of extra, like outside the story line.
MaliciousRingmaster chapter 79 . 8/6/2011

My brain just exploded...

Yes it was that amazing...

greenessential chapter 79 . 7/16/2011
Oh. My. GOD! I already had inklings of what would happen a chap or so before, but that you really would write a threesome...Whoaaaa...

Haha, when I was reading this, I freaking squealed (loudly) and rolled around in my bed like a psycho pancake roll. Really, I was so happy my face nearly hurt from all that sappy grinning.

Your chapters were kinda short, but thankfully this story was already completed so that wasn't a problem.

The best character in the fic was Akitra, my opinion only of course. He was an unique chara. ;)

Jak was also awesome, but umm... kinda oblivious and dense at times, though that only adds to his charm.

And lastly Maika, whom I couldn't like at the beginnning but slowly grew on me. The character growth was the best with him.

Izeri and Charias are just cute. As in really really reaaally cute. Would have never thought that those two would get together... but I wouldn't have thought of a Akitra/Jak/Maika threesome either.

Soooo. Only a suggestion. Wouldyoupleasewriteaepilog? It would be sooo awesome...

Haha, whatever. Keep on writing so that I can keep on reading good man loving. ;D
random guy chapter 79 . 7/12/2011
ok was good. i read the whole thing all the way through and i mean it had good structure, but i personally think you put far to much smut in it and it took away from the story and made it sort of repetitive. I think you could have developed the characters farther and made this a truly fantastic story.

it was good though
Stranger chapter 79 . 7/4/2011
I wonder if that mansion idea worked out, haha.

Anyway, thank you for keeping me entertained. (:

I enjoyed reading this.
Rahar Moonfire chapter 2 . 5/26/2011
Hmm, meteorology. I studied meteorology at OU for a while. It's amazing. Nice story so far. Look forward to reading more. ;)
blindedbytheblood chapter 79 . 5/15/2011

I love that who I thought would be Jak's partner totally wasnt.

I love that I was guessing the whole time and still wasn't right.

Beautiful story.
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