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Astronaut Rain chapter 4 . 9/19/2012
Wow. Intense! :)
Astronaut Rain chapter 2 . 9/19/2012
Depression Creek. I have to use that one!
Astronaut Rain chapter 1 . 9/19/2012
I've been wanting to read this story for the longest time, but never got around to it. I guess I'd better get myself in gear!
Vector Phantom chapter 765 . 9/19/2012
Awwww no bubble bath for Ta-kun
Riz chapter 764 . 9/13/2012
Cool. Same name. Very Ironic. Nikolai's gonna blow a fuse when he hears about Lo and AA's little scene together . . . that is, if he ever finds out. Bad, bad Lo, cheating behind your boyfriend's back . . . with a dead guy that's living inside of you.
This Cooldown arc is coming to an end pretty quickly. The real action is about to tsart. It really makes me sad that the story looks like it's coming to an end . . . so half the time they didn't even know who their real enemies were.
Question: The Fates. Are the like the Norns from Norse Mythology and the Moirai from Greek? I think their names were Skuld, Verdandi, and Urd for the Norns and Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos for Moirai . . . but I only know of Past, Present, and Future. Dunno about Beyond . . . if I'm correct. Beyond. Isn't Beyond the Future? That's a little confusing.
Kira chapter 764 . 9/13/2012
Okay cool they made up
So who gets to go next
Fierce Ookami chapter 763 . 9/12/2012
great chapter i cant waii for the next one. i also cant wait for the fighgt with the fates!
Riz chapter 763 . 9/10/2012
Sigh ... I'm tired of using those letters than don't make any sense ... So I'll use my real name ... Personally I like my middle name, Hannah, better than my first name, Charisse, but Riz works... Most of the time.
Was Cody trying to imply that Shinji might've been romantically interested in Mattie as in incest? That would be way creepy...
Oh no... So they don't get tO see each other until after they knock the fates shitless? That sucks for them... They were rather cute. Now it'll be even funnier when Shinji gets together with his girlfriend... That would be hilarious.
Wonder what Lo's up to... Dammit, how do you keep up with all these characters with explosive attitudes and tendencies to blow things up? Lo and Nikki might be fucking while Avy's going through labour and Izzy's blowing some shit up...
That update was rather fast compared to your last ones ;). I'm happy... There's nothing worse than being stuck in bed 24/7 while you're burning up with a fever... Nothing proactive to do in bed for the whole day...
Holy shit. Wrong choice of words at the end.
Vector Phantom chapter 763 . 9/10/2012
Not a bad chapter although I don't understand what's wrong with reading on vacation
Sigh I may have to reread later, mom is being noisy as she can be
Vector Phantom chapter 198 . 9/7/2012
Wait are they ever going to find Atlantis
Poor Lo going through so much
Vector Phantom chapter 197 . 9/6/2012
Naota, who holds onto memories and lets them torture him?
Vector Phantom chapter 196 . 9/6/2012
As Mattie so young
so naive
Fierce Ookami chapter 762 . 9/5/2012
very very good chapter
Lira chapter 195 . 9/5/2012
imkeep typing kila instead of kira for some reason
ah yes the izumi/naota build up, i kind of miss that
N.D.V.B.L.F.U.A chapter 762 . 9/4/2012
Are demigods immortal? I thought that Tarot would have a slightly longer lifespan than most mortals, like, three hundred years or something . . . Like Lo. If she DOES live, she would grow to be . . . a hundred and fifty? Something along those lines?
Wait, when she dies, what'll happen to AA and the worlds? Technically, she already died once, and then during her fight with AA, she was given another chance. Death won't let her live when she's all old and wrinkly, right? AA can't just find another random host . . . can he?
We all know Lo isn't immortal. It's just depressing to think of what happens when she starts growing gray hairs. Damn, they should just make her into a God with - what was it again? Ambrosia? Yeah, that's it. I don't see what's so wrong with the idea . . . she'll join the pity party with Al, Fara, and possibly Tarot . . . except for the fact that Nikki'll be bummed.
No fair! My girlfriend gets to cheat death and stay all flat and blonde for eternity while I get old and become a hobo in the streets!
. . . Poor Nikki. He's supposed to be the man in their relationship, but Lo can totally kick his ass to the other side of the fucking planet. The only "manly" thing in their relationship is that he totally has control over rocking Lo's bed . . . which makes me wonder why Lo hasn't gotten preggers yet.
Everybody's relationship is complicated in some way. I guess that's the beauty of it.
Naitoryuu X Hikaru: Naitoryuu's breath smells like shit. And Hikaru isn't immortal (see? This whole immortal not human thing is fucking with my head! They should just get kids and then have Cody or Loki turn them so they live forever as bloodsuckers!)
Izumi X Naota: Hmm. Izzy DEFINITELY gots the pants in this relationship. Funny how most of the main females have control in this story . . .
Aveline X Atlas: Avy's mentally scarred for life and Atlas is too short-tempered. They fuck eachother's worlds...that's all I'm saying.
Al X Tarot: There's really nothing wrong. Unless Tarot has a normal lifespan. I'm guessing Fara is immortal because she's more god than human. It'll be really depressing if she passes on.
Lo X Nikki: Nothing REALLY wrong with it. They'r both mortal, but Lo'
ll live longer if she's a lucky, though not by much. Then there's the whole balancer and AA is dead thing.
Solidad X Kidd: Immortal and Mortal thing what sort of monster they're breeding . . . (gets shot)
Cody X Loki: There's nothing wrong since Loki's a bloodsucker.
Holy beejesus. I guess this is why it's so interesting. For now, everybody's all happy and content, so maybe I'm just thinking too far ahead.
CRAP. The only "NORMAL" relationship I know is Haseo and Celena! They're cute together. Wonder when Haseo'll man up and take her to bed like a normal guy would do his age.
... Yeah, that must be it. Damn, I feel old all of a sudden.
Yuugata and Saria are . . . deep. Never thought somebody would have the patience to stalk an emo elf after death just to get laid . . . Yuugata must be good in bed, despite his age. Kidding. Don't let him die, because then Lo'll be really depressed. Unless she has kids by then. Wow, another thing that makes me think too hard.
Mattie and Mordecai should reunite. I'd LOVE to see Mordy get beaten up by Shinji. And then Shora.
Is it just me or . . .
Mattie and Mordecai both start with 'M', and Shora and Shinji both start with 'Sh'. That's a really big hint. Shora seems to be the only girl I can think of for Shinji . . . they got along rather quite well. Shinji still resists being seduced by her though. Where's the fun in that? If they did get in a relationship, Shora could bitch him around and he prolly wouldn't say nothin. I crack myself up.
Say, if Coyote was the father of Al and Azzy, who was the mother? Why do I get the feeling it was Amaterasu? Nah . . . just a guess.
All that age stuff was REALLY REALLY depressing . . . it made me go emo for a minute. But, I guess I should concentrate on how Lo's gonna fuck the fates. After a steamy hot spring affair, KICK ASS TIME!
The fuck part was not to be taken seriously.
Don't ask what my name stands for. You wouldn't wanna know . . .
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