Reviews for Sacrifices
Wendy Thompson135th chapter 1 . 10/24/2008
'Sacrafices' is incorrect. There is no such word. The only spelling in all three of my English dictionaries is 'sacrifices'. If your spell checker tells you this is the right spelling, you need a better one. Spell check programs are never as good as a hard copy dictionary. You may possibly mean 'sacrament' or even 'sanctify', but 'sacrafices' is not how one would spell either of those.

You also have some punctuation problems. This is incorrect: “Edward… I’m scared.” I admitted, quietly.

This is a dialogue assignment sentence. It should not be broken up into one sentence - "Edward...I'm scared."- and one sentence fragment - I admitted, quietly. The correct form is this: "Edward...I'm scared(here you need to use a COMMA), I admitted quietly.

You can check any J K Rowling, Diane Duane or D J MacHale book for the correct style.