Reviews for All Stars
Anon chapter 83 . 12/8/2012
That was amazing. I got through this in about three days, and you had me wonderfully captivated. All of the personalities had such depth, so there's not much else to say but bravo! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story!
Katie chapter 85 . 2/9/2011
This was a great story.

From the beginning to the end it never got boring.

I didn't know how you would end it, but how you did was great
Just in cases chapter 85 . 9/8/2010
I have read this story from start till finish and I have to say that it was absolutely, undeniably EPIC. Wow. I love the plots, the characters and your ability to depict the most amazing action sequences. Well done!. Oh and I gotta say props for the scooby inspired chapter, I loved it!

Thanks for an awesome read.
Onira chapter 85 . 6/3/2010
At this very moment in time you, my friend, are my God! I absolutely loved this story and I am oh so sad to see it end. I was disappointed that they didn't win the final game, but I can understand that it may be more epic this way; the whole 'it's how you play the game thing'. I loved all the girls on the team, Rain being my favorite. They were all really well written and really 'real'. I also liked the fact that you featured some of the girls from All girls school, gave me a chance to see what they got up to after high school. Once again, great job, and I hope to read more from you regarding soccer playing lesbian. Until next time!
Sorrow86 chapter 51 . 5/25/2009
Ultra cute moment between Amy and Freya. Fluffy moments ftw. **

Fleur being all mushy was surprising, but welcome. Had forgotten that she was studying to become a doctor, but it makes sense she actually can care. Wouldn’t be much point for her becoming a doc if she didn’t. :P

The "fight" between Elisa and Nadia was lol, but the reaction from the others and Arinas comment made my day. hahaha

10 points to the Felicity and Nadia coupling!

Jen came out! Yey! Good for her. :)

I actually like how realistic Fleur is. Even though she can sound like a bitch at times she's mostly right on. Some things are just hard to hear and when she doesn't put anything in between I understand that the others get upset.

“Fausta the Caring”. hehe, I always thought she was protective and caring. Not that surprised about her outburst towards Fleur.

Freyas surgery... ugh, me worried… She's one of my favorite characters in this story. Don't kill her! Onegaishimasu!
Razor bladed heart chapter 51 . 5/25/2009
what a truly amazing story

dont see many like this anymore.

Sorrow86 chapter 49 . 5/9/2009
My my, it took me longer then I would have thought. Anyways! Great story! :D

I'm really intrigued by all these different personalities. How they function as a group and as individuals. The plot so far has been awesome and you keep me on my toes regarding the turn of events.

The team spirit as well as the practices and games makes me reminisces so much. Haha, I miss the time I played on a soccer team. Hard work, but loads of fun!

Hhmm, so much I should and could have written, but I'm not very good at reviewing. I enjoyed the story very much and look forward to more. ;)
Sorrow86 chapter 1 . 5/3/2009
Haha, this reminds me so much of the anime Princess Nine. XD

Anyways, looking forward to see how this turns out. Got a long day of reading in front of me! :D
The Hidden Abyss chapter 4 . 1/3/2009
Haha, "Coming!". A little bit of a Rocky Horror Picture Show moment there eh? I hope I wasn't the only one that caught that...anyways.

:) I love the story so far. It's cute and a little bit addicting to read, can't wait to get deeper into it.
all you need is oxygen chapter 17 . 10/31/2008
I'm glad you've started posting again! (:

I like this story so far; there are a lot of interesting characters and it seems like there's a lot of potential.

The one problem I have, though, is that there are just so many characters. I get confused, because in 17 chapters, there are so many characters that I can't even name all of them from memory.

But I realize that without all the characters, this story would be very boring indeed. Great job.

The one thing about this chapter is that, for a college-level sports team, a twelve-minute mile is extremely slow. Even in varsity soccer in high school, anything over eight minutes will get you kicked out of the team.

But that's not that big of a problem.

Like I said; I'm really glad to see you posting again.