Reviews for NY: Anti Villain, Anti Hero & Anti Everything Else
ingol chapter 1 . 3/7/2018
Well, it's been a few years, but I just wanna say that I'm still deeply in love with this series. Even with all the mistakes that I now spot, this is still beautifully written. In a way, this has been my childhood. I'm not sure if you are reading this, but I just want to say that even if you decide not to continue this story, I will always reread your series again and again because this is how much I love it.
may chapter 36 . 9/13/2017
I finished this yesterday, after discovering and marathoning the entire NY series since I discovered it about a week ago? I literally could not put it down once I got to the third installment onwards. It was with me when I rode the bus and read on my phone, when I got home and continued where I left off on my computer screen. Your world is enrapturing, your characters lively and distinctive enough to spin headcanons off of and familiar, and your story gripping. I feel like I just dined and dashed since I got to read something so unforgettable because you decided to share it to the world for free. All I can give you is this really longwinded review.

When I was showering I wondered what had happened to Noir in the current state of affairs with both his friend! the Lord Necrosis Paine and also his other friend! Nocte both trapped in other worlds. Then I told myself he would be fine since he’s always annoyingly (in a good way) around and can’t stay dead, resembling a cockroach. The mental image made me laugh. This is how well you’ve constructed your characters, they live on their own and I can make jokes about them. The scale of the world and how the characters fit into the world, the interactions between them, you’ve got such a good grasp on all of that. I really fucking love Noir, by the way. Not at the start, but he kept showing up and changing the mood and as the mood became somber in the 4th installment, his “Yos!” were really appreciated and are sorely missed.

Nocte Yin started as a fun and relatively light read with a charming sarcastic main character and an interesting world and lots of potential. Over the next installments you’ve harnessed so much of that potential and spun it into something unique. Your writing has progressed with the plot and the characters to capture everything with greater and greater intensity and emotion as befitting. Nocte is one of the best main characters I can recall following, someone I can be empathetic with, cry along with when things break her and steel myself along with her because she never stays broken for long.

My favourite thing about the series is how sincere it is, just like Nocte herself. There is a lot of sadness, bitterness, loss, regret, betrayal, and tragedy in the events that have taken place. But there is always still hope at every corner. Nocte can still move on and she has come so far from her twelve year old self just beginning her first year at Evil. Her shopping for paper with her mom and her mom telling her “Yins don’t need guidelines! We are the guidelines!” is something I still remember. (Okay it was only a week ago for me but.) Which you’ve highlighted earlier in part one after Ewan confessed, summarizing all the main events as recollections to show how much she has progressed until now. (I miss Darkhour too btw) Fundamentally NY is meant to be hopeful and inspiring. I want to follow Nocte to the end, to all that you have planned for her.

I know it’s been some years, and it may still take some more years, but I don’t think I’ll forget about this world and these characters for a long time. So I’ll be back :) I hope you are doing well, in any case, and thank you again for sharing.
Guest chapter 36 . 7/31/2017
... why has this stopped! I love this saga, ive read through all the books now!
rahul chapter 36 . 7/18/2017
i loved your Nocte Yin series and how your own writing matured and improved over the last 5 books. I particularly enjoyed the 5th part and was a bit disappointed at the dead end it is at currently.

Its been 3.5 years since you last updated but still i hope we will get to see more content from you on this series. Thanks for your writing :)
Fairymaiden chapter 36 . 12/20/2016
Nothing like bringing in your favourite holiday by reading your favourite story. Thanks for creating this wonderful read. Hope life's treating you nicely and that you have a nice christmas x
EspirituDelMar chapter 36 . 9/27/2016
Please update this masterpiece! I wanna know more feom Farhart now that he'd reappeared! *pouts like Farhart (though I have no scithe to poke! xD)*
ingol chapter 36 . 4/16/2016
Wow, it's been years. This had always been one of my favs since roughly two years ago. I adore your writing, and your portrayal of not just Nocte, but this entire world that you seemed to have created. If this is abandoned, could you please give a sign so that I won't keep waiting forever?
Your Fan S.K chapter 36 . 10/18/2015
So, I think I might be in love with your Nocte Yin series since I first read it, which would, oh, be
about a couple a years or so?

All I can say is that you seriously inspire me.

Don't take me wrong, its not because your series is so beautifully crafted, the pacing so smooth and transitioned so fluid that I can read on for hours without getting distracted, or that all your characters are so distinct from one another and rich in character, or that just the world world you made is so real that I'm surprised we're not actually living in a world filled with prejudiced heroes or completely insane villains.

It's because of your progress.

The first book, for example, had some issues in it (like your narrator using I a lot) and being a bit choppy as well as the characters a bit exaggerated.

However, by the time you finished it, those issues were practically not noticeable. Then came the next book, even better written than before, and the book after that, EVEN BETTER THAN BEFORE, and the book after that! BEST THING EVER!

And I've been kind of feeling a bit down on my writing lately. Heck, I've only been able to manage fanfiction and not at all good fanfiction. That's just sad. I've almost been thinking on giving up on writing since I obviously don't have any talent, but then I read what you've done here, I see how much you've climbed up from your first book, how someone who does have problems with writing can become its queen and... that's really inspiring to me.

So I'm going to try and write a story, dedicated to yours (if that is at all not creepy T_T) for showing me that I should stick with it at least just an ity bit longer and hope that, with practice, I'll become greater.

Of course, not as great as you, but maybe the star to your sun? XD

I'll send you another review when it's done, tell you how it went.
Anonymous chapter 36 . 3/16/2015
I will never be able to find a story as good as this. Time to reread everything again.
Some1 chapter 36 . 3/16/2015
The entire Nocte Yin series is incredibly good. Need more updates! The story is interesting!
bubublacz chapter 26 . 1/18/2015

Wondering when Paine and Noir would come up :3
Guest chapter 25 . 1/18/2015
I still love this :D
bubublacz chapter 23 . 1/18/2015
dun dun duuunnn...
bubublacz chapter 18 . 1/18/2015
bubublacz chapter 16 . 1/18/2015
I think Nocte would make a good mom :D
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