Reviews for Wolf Dreams
Nanalee.who chapter 1 . 11/11/2009
i was searching around, looking for a story, and since my mind is ubsessed with vampires and werewolves i wanted one that was different then: the human loves the vampire AND the werewolf, and they both love her, or the vampires love eachother, or the vampire and the were wolf, or something even with royalty. But when i saw this at first i'm like "... ok, this looks promising" and after reading it i began to like it more and more. I love how the vampire girl ONLY loves the werewolf boy and the wolf boy ONLY loves the vampire girl, but there's so many obsticals they have to push through.
Suggestion though, maybe you should find a way to seperate the different povs, like a line or something? cuz sometimes it gets a bit confusing and i had to reread some parts. Oh well liked it.