Reviews for Confederate Shoes
disused account chapter 1 . 8/25/2010
This is a very well written story, and you are very good writer. I do hope you keep writing, not just on FP but see where your skill takes you. But I have to be honest here; your story has some flaws. For one, rifles do not pop, they crack. Two, if the man captured man was an infantryman he would not be wearing “boots” but instead Brogans, they are sort of a hobnailed shoe. “Combat Boots” didn’t enter service until WW2. Also I know from half a decade of reenacting, it doesn’t take a week for Brogans to wear down it takes months, maybe these Union troops are fresh into the field and this unfortunate Confederate has dried mud caked onto his shoes, indicating hard marching?

I also find it hard to buy a black soldier would save the life of a Confederate, not after Ft. Pillow where the men of the all black 54th were executed and carelessly tossed into a mass grave. But compassion for Confederates from the African-American community was not unheard of. A free black woman in Gettysburg drained her life savings buying water and fruit for wounded confederates. People are guided by their own heats when they see suffering. Why else did Sergeant Richard Kirkland leap over the stone wall at Fredericksburg to give water to wounded union troops? There just wasn’t much a reason.

All that said, this is a great story, you have some good characters. I’m not trying to knock it, just give some things to think about if you ever return to it.

Write on!