Reviews for Mizuki's Protectors
Loreil Darksky chapter 18 . 5/12/2010

Really great story, I'm hooked! Can't wait for the next chapter!
Crimson Ivy chapter 1 . 6/10/2009
Nice piece of work :) Good writing - I can clearly "see" the scenes in my mind!
Steamrollers Solve All chapter 17 . 5/25/2009
And I'm back!

Okay, review time. This was a little crazy, and I think Mizuki was a little too quick to calm down -what with the threat of memory removal-, but I think this has the capacity to be really good. You should really put some energy into Akira's mother as a psycho, because she obviously has something going for her power-wise, and she obviously doesn't view other people as having equal standing.

Hope you really flesh this out. _
Naomi Chick chapter 17 . 4/30/2009
Mizuki finally met Akira's parents. His mother seen really uptight and crazy. Other then that I love the chapter.
Steamrollers Solve All chapter 16 . 3/29/2009
So wait... Akira's mom can remove memories?

Alright! Now we're getting into some awesome stuff!
Naomi Chick chapter 15 . 3/8/2009
Aww! Such a touching chapter.
the rational hedgehog chapter 13 . 2/11/2009
"You want a piece of me, woman?" Hiroko screamed at Akira's mom. Akira's mom moved to slap her, but Hiroko dodged it.

"Ha ha! You can't get me!"

Then Hiroko slipped and fell flat on her face.


Sorry, I just had to write that!

I wonder what will happen between Mizuki and Akira's mom? Hehe, update son!
Naomi Chick chapter 13 . 2/7/2009
Oh wow! I can't believe Akira mother is like that to her son. I almost felt like crying when I read this chapter.

Oh no, Mizuki is going to meet her soon. I can't wait until the chapter.
KT-ImmortalIncarnate chapter 13 . 2/1/2009
Yesh yesh you are!

Oh this is gonna be god! I look forward to it, even if I haven't been on in a while... _

Steamrollers Solve All chapter 13 . 1/30/2009
Well, another weird curve and now I'm asking why Akira's mom is so screwy when everyone else seems normal... I hope you'll explain that in the next few chapters.
Steamrollers Solve All chapter 12 . 1/30/2009
Argh. I think you went a little overboard introducing characters. So many people so quickly with so little time and descriptions of them does not help out very much.

Not to mention I was a little bit confused with the Kyoshiro guy and why he was following her if he was a ghost or not. And how he really kinda brushed over that protector thing. A lot more time spent on that would've been nice.

Anyways, hope you take these things into consideration and continue writing. *goes to read next chapter*
n0irangelZ13 chapter 1 . 1/30/2009
Anno.. are you Roxanne-nee-chan if not then you have the same character Mizuki sakura pls. visit and search a story named Ichigo GA Style
Steamrollers Solve All chapter 11 . 1/29/2009
Yikes! I get behind and this is what happens! Thankfully, Saori is on Hiatus for another week so I can catch up.

Kyosuke seems alright so far, although I'm not exactly sure where this will lead... *goes off to read more*
the rational hedgehog chapter 12 . 1/23/2009
I WANT MORE! -pout- :(

Darn, it's the really good stories like these that make me act like a spoiled brat...


Urgh, I've gotta stop doing that...


I think I'll go read some manga before I hurt myself unintentionally...
Naomi Chick chapter 11 . 1/22/2009
The last two chapter certainly were interesting. I can't wait until the next update.
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