Reviews for Expression
aberlemno chapter 1 . 11/24/2008
Okay, finally I get round to catching up on your writing! (Uni's been keeping me busy, suddenly they expect me to write essays, what's that all about? :) )

Despite there not being any formal rules to this on the page(or screen), there is a definite rhythm to it, and it would work very well read aloud. The sound is wonderful. "anti-minimalistic, utterly serialistic," and "ringing wracking wrenching revolting revolutionary /thought," in particular, but it keeps going throughout without ever seeming forced.

The concept is very interesting as well, I've been reading a lot of medieval poetry recently which is all incredibly structured, there were rules for poetry and rules for falling in love, pretty much the opposite of breaking the rules to show extreme emotion. But they certainly had a lot of extremem emotions going on back then as well... I need to think about it a bit (a lot) more before I can come to any conclusions though. Definitely a very impressive poem.