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nanakathleen chapter 7 . 12/13/2008
oh gee, i wonder why she's never seen a penis before. DUH.

Stupid Ellie.

I wanted to know if the name Helen Kelelr was just something you picked out randomly, or palced it to go with the story? Cuz Helen Keller was blind, and deaf.

uhh, have fun with your exams, lol. I haven't even had my midterms yet xD
76cm chapter 7 . 12/13/2008
I am actually falling in love with Finley and Camden.

Also, how have you managed to get a baby book with so many cool names? I swear the one my mum used to name my little brother has a grand total of about 10, kinda lame names. He ended up being called Aaron after three days of namelessness, as my parents decided it would either be the first or last name in said book, and they couldn't get to grips with Zacharias.

Anyway. I love Max as well. He only appeared for about two paragraphs, and he's already my second favourite character (after Madison, obviously).

Good luck with the rest of your finals - and what are ACTs? I'm still not entirely sure what American SATs are... over here they're these stupid tests you have to do at the end of years 2, 6 and 9, so the government can check your school is teaching you enough. They're generally not, but the tests are so easy it doesn't really matter.

Babbling again.

Another update before Christmas? You know you want to :)
dark-halo-princess chapter 7 . 12/13/2008
It just gets better and better!

Ellie is such a b*h! Argh! How can someone be so cruel? But it's life, huh.

Your character development is really working and I like Max. He, he - he seems such a cheeky guy. A potential close friend for Finley, hm...

Camden just can't get any sweeter, can he? It just makes him that much cooler.

I cannot wait to see what's in store when Camden goes over to Finley's. Her mum is so out of the head, which makes it that much more depressing and heartbreaking for Finley and her siblings.

::Laughing:: Nolan's eating habit is so common - I can recall my baby brother doing something of the sort when he was in his nappies. All, I can say is, thank god, they grow up!

So looking forward to the next chapter! Your story is my favourite at the moment.
hedwigisnotdead chapter 7 . 12/13/2008
gosh, this story is just getting better and better.

i absolutely adore max already, and toby is absolutely hilarious.

the way you write fin and the fact that she's blind is done extremely well here, you don't pay extreme attention to it, but you always make sure there's enough description - which is good for the reader as well as fin herself.

update soon!
Silencia chapter 7 . 12/13/2008
Amazing as always! I really like Max, I wonder how he ill react when he finds out she's blind... You know how amazing you are, but I'll say it, just in case... YOU'RE AWESOME! Can't wait for the new chappie, see ya

Grtz Silencia
dreamcatcher93 chapter 7 . 12/13/2008
Oh I love Max already! Faerie God-Nerd :P (Btw, is Max the same age as Finley or Camden? And it seems like there's some history between Cam n Max?)

This is all so exciting! :)

Yes the evil "step sisters" were definetly evil.. I felt so bad for Finley. Can't wait till Camden meets the siblings!

And regarding the asian men.. I'm Indian.. And trust me reading (and writing) about fictional guys is way better.. xD

Loved the update!

Written chapter 7 . 12/13/2008
this story is SO sweet! I absolutely adore it. max seems really interesting, actually. is he the faerie god-nerd?

those girls were atrociously evil to her. I'm glad you didn't make her REAL sublings mean, because that would be too sad.

anyway. yeah, go camden! I'm glad he stood up for her.
J. C. Hunter chapter 7 . 12/13/2008
ah. so he's admitting that he likes her. very good. at least he's not in denial about his feelings. hahaha. but why is her fairy god-something male? what if he falls in love with her too? actually i'm sure he will. bollocks. oh well. have fun editing the next chapter!
Uniquely Proud chapter 7 . 12/13/2008
Yay! An update!

Here I am again. )

I look forward to read the next chapter where Camden goes to her house..

Any surprises there?

E! I can't wait to read it.

I went to your homepage again but Maxwell Hues doesn't have a face yet. Ar you going to upload a picture of him?

I'm pretty sure we're going to see him again.. D

Update soon.
BanishedPrince chapter 7 . 12/12/2008
Hey, good chapter. Ellie is AWFUL, it was a good thing that Camden and Max were there. I really like Max too by the way.

The chapter was kind of short though but I know you said the story was only about 50,0 words. I really like how you've incorporated the stepsisters and the Fairy Godmother and all of that, the oh so popular Modernized Cinderella story. But I like that you've missed it up like this. And with a Mom like Finley has, it's good that she had her brother and sister instead of the evil stepsisters.

Good chapter, can't wait until the next!
predict.this chapter 7 . 12/12/2008
Max seems like a nice guy. So he's going to be Finley's fairy godmother thingy? Btw, a stupid question, but is Finley's name pronounced 'Fin-lay'?
Jazzytea chapter 7 . 12/12/2008
I really like this story. I don't recall if I already commented on this story, but I like the concept a lot. Or maybe I just like the blind girl, she's so likable! Also probably because I can relate to her a lot. Not being blind (how would i be typing this review XD) but no forreals, I like where the story is heading, even if it's moving slow...and fast. You know? Usually people skip a week, but you're practically going day by day, which is good and bad, imo. I also think your last long of your prologue is a bit misleading, because so far, I think they feel they're exactly what they're looking for, from the way Camden's pursuing her lolol. It's definitely Cinderella with a twist, for one, he's already met her in the beginning. I look forward to your next update, so please update soon! :D
short1x2005 chapter 7 . 12/12/2008
I absolutely love your story! This has been a much needed pick-me-up as I survive finals. Thank you so much for that little spot of happiness! (Plus, this definitely beats studying...)
auburnfusion chapter 7 . 12/12/2008
I can't believe you did NaNo though - I'd die. Still, I was surprised to find out you were updating so quickly already. Wow. You're on a roll, so roll like mad sushi dawg.

I'm happy to see another friend helping out Finley. Although Max - he's a boy - and I can sort of see him falling for her... like that Mark? Marc? Max? kid falling for Bella in Twilight (which was written shoddingly in my opinion). Still, I trust you and your writing - and I hope to see how Max and Cam further develop and become more real... because where can you find geeks who are that muscular?

Heck, I'd create a robot like Max just so I could date him. Good job. XD
auburnfusion chapter 6 . 12/12/2008
What a cute plot so far - the twist on the classic fairytale of Cinderella. I can relate to Finley, although the subtle cliche of Camden being nice to the new girl/outsider makes me a little curious. Prince Charming can't possibly be entirely that perfect, can he? Still, provoking questions from me is a good thing. I look forward to the next chapter, whenever that may be. Keep up the amazing work!
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