Reviews for The Red Light Club
GrimIsaac chapter 1 . 4/3/2014
polar.amity chapter 1 . 1/19/2012
I love it. It’s different, it’s short, it’s sexy, and wired. I love it.

Adding the fact that it was a challenge almost takes away as much as it adds, because as cool as it is that you completed the challenge the originality of this story is one of the things that attracted me most and that you were in a way lead to this story takes away from that. If I’m making any sense?

Heck, I think this has the potential to be longer. I’d read it if it were a novel.
Epos chapter 1 . 10/12/2010
Love it! It was great! Only thing is that it took me some time to figure that the main person was a boy. Am I blind or did you not mention it?
aisyaa chapter 1 . 3/17/2010
that was beautiful :) it has a rather melancholic tone. even after i've finish reading it, the tone remains w me. and the characters are lovely, such sweet characters.
That Day Is Mine chapter 1 . 8/2/2009
So I actually read this ages ago, before I read Without a Noumenon, but I didn't review and now as I stared at your profile and saw the story there, I was all I really, really liked that story. Reviewing it, thus, was necessary.

As I've probably told you before, I like your writing style. It's very abrupt and minimalist (that was the word I was looking for!) and I really enjoy that. But what I liked about this the most was the abstract feeling I got while reading it. It felt lonely and empty and wonderful. Your imagery fits in with your writing style so well. Like the bit about Tristan's eyes being like a lighthouse, loved that. And you insert all these minuscule details here and there, which adds this careful touch to the piece.

But what I liked best, probably, was the fact that Max couldn't see peoples' faces. That was such an odd thing to do but so well executed. It was sort of haunting, how he couldn't see and when I read over this again, I noted that you started the piece off straight from him recognizing people by their voices. When I initially read this, I didn't catch that.

Really, I just loved this.


T.D. Is Mine
Forbidden Smiles chapter 1 . 7/29/2009
This is certainly something I've never read before.

Oddly enough, I like it.
whippoorwillwoe chapter 1 . 7/22/2009
m, really liked the atmosphere and the use of colors.

the pillow fight sort of cut into the picture you painted, but i understand it was a challenge piece and such things were necessary.

Cocaine Cowgirl chapter 1 . 6/29/2009
Oh, me. I did the unspeakable and faved without reviewing, didn't I? (See, I like it so much I came back to read it again, and realized my mistake, hurrah.) But, but. I did enjoy it. I like your imagery, as always. Your words are pleasantly strung together, of course. Conversation is touching. I'm not sure entirely what it is... I like the feeling of this story. It's got a pleasant sort of mood. Joyful unhappiness, or something alike. (And you can tell that my mental thesaurus is in desperate need of replenishing.)

Thank you for the enjoyable read.
Ollia chapter 1 . 1/31/2009
Love it, but... I think you used "zeitgeist" out of context.
sweetdonalbain81507 chapter 1 . 12/8/2008 roommate just watched a Gilmore Girls marathon, so I know that Tristan and Max are both characters, but somehow I doubt that's it.

Anyway, this was sweet, in an odd, sad kind of way. Max was a great character; he was vulnerable, but strong, if that makes sense. Good job.
My Neighbor's Leg chapter 1 . 12/4/2008
wow. Norcal?

sry, saw a "hella" and went whoashit.

you are so poetic... and sweet?
Cattails chapter 1 . 12/1/2008
I love that last line O_O Well, I love the whole story, but that line was perfect. Tristan was so cute! I just wanted to hug him and squeeze him forever I want to hug Max, too :P Your characters are just so lovable! ...don't mind my fangirling :P
SerialXLain chapter 1 . 11/25/2008
“Make words with your tiger-lily mouth.” Loved that line for some reason. Among many others, but I would fill up this entire review with them. :O


Loved the italics at the end, especially the final two lines of the story.

D'aw. It was sweet and kind of sad in that cold-winter-mornings kind of way (if that makes any sense to you. It does to me... *cough* ) and nice and poetic.

I liked.