Reviews for The Storm
Jesse the Storyteller chapter 1 . 12/28/2008
"So the heavy storms in my soul" emo much? haha. I loved the storm imagery and everything, but this isn't subtle enough to make the transition without sounding corny.

You have amazing rhythm in this poem. Really, it's incredible. There were one or two places where you had to stretch the line to fit the rhythm ("Seasons come and they go") But overall, very very good use of rhythm - it makes up for the absolute lack of punctuation... you can tell where thoughts start and stop because of the rhythm of the thing. :D

Also, your rhyme is very nice, too. No place (except for maybe "rescind" but whatever) in the poem seems stretched to make the rhyme fit. All of the rhymes flow naturally. Great job!

Good poem. Could use with more original imagery and clever wording, but on the whole a very nice poem. :D


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