Reviews for The Inexplicable State of Being There
bubublacz chapter 20 . 1/5
Oooohhh ggooossshh! I love this fluff story. :D I feel so light and thought I would have loved a separate epilogue wondering if they'll end up together married and with children, I guess you just left it right. Because as what you've said, the 'here' thing. This is really beautiful :D Thank you for writing this, I thoroughly enjoyed it! :D
bubublacz chapter 19 . 1/5
Oh lol! And I'm one of those people who did want them to do it :3
bubublacz chapter 18 . 1/5
*gasp* been waiting for this :D
bubublacz chapter 16 . 1/5
I really liked your transitions. I'm having a good time reading how their feelings changed :D It's really good!
bubublacz chapter 13 . 1/5
I usually don't give my comments at the last chapter, but I've just got to say that I love the Sam character. :D
PenMasterEm chapter 21 . 12/29/2014
Hi there. I've seen this story pop up in other favorites and after reading the story, I have to say that it's really incredible. I loved it very much and I can honestly say that it's one of the best works I've read on this website. I thought this was perfect dispite the cheesy epilogue. It was beautiful and I loved the emphasis on art and simplicity.
SunnySideUp26 chapter 21 . 12/29/2014
I would totally read a rewrite (although I thought it was pretty great to begin with).
I loved Heather's and Christian's (I think that's his name but sorry if I'm mistaken) relationship, so I'd love it if you kept that the same - especially the part when Heather reveals that they kissed. It's been a while since I read it, so I don't really remember every detail, so I don't really have any other suggestions. But I will definitely read and enjoy an updated version.
deets1 chapter 21 . 12/24/2014
I just read and completely loved this ENTIRE story and now it's being rewritten? I mean it's a joyful thing but I'm going to miss the short time I had with this version. It was great. I loved it. I love these two-I swear, Leesh and Brody will be the end of me. And then Nick and Micki, and Heather and Chris, and Brit and Jon (hopefully still). Ashley is just no, don't wanna think about her. She was in the way. I'm happy she messed up though because one of them was going to have to do it to end that relationship, and I didn't want Brody to be the asshole.

Asdfghjkl! Great story! Thanks for writing it. Good luck with the rewrite!

pastelcolors chapter 21 . 12/21/2014
So I read this story, literally last week, actually, and I found it completely forgettable. (I had to check my search history.) I only vaguely remembered this one bisexual guy who really liked Fall Out Boy, and then wracked my brain, trying to remember the story line and characters. I remembered Micki first, then Felicia, then Cameron, but I could not, for my life, remember the love interest's name or any of my particular feelings for this story.
Sorry if I'm being harsh. The fact that I read it all in one day might justify this.
I know that Micki got on my nerves often. She totally erased the fact of bisexuality and had an infatuation with gay guys. Acceptance is fine, but geez. I'm sure gay guys don't want to shouting about how you love them every ten seconds.
And the whole "list" thing? I found that disgusting (that's agreeable, you knew it when you wrote the story), how there was a list of conquests, how Felicia was assaulted, everything about that stupid list.
I read your bio too. I'm not sure if the racism is exactly evident, but I'm pretty sure everyone's white, save about five people (mainly side characters). I remember a "too Asian to be a Madonna" from Heather, "I generally like white guys," and "white guys are hotter."
I do believe this story is due for a rewrite, because I'm sure you can do better. :)
I'm not exactly sure if I'd be interested in reading it, because for me to like it, it wouldn't be this story at all.
Those are my two cents about this story. Don't hate me too much. D:
misssmiley03 chapter 21 . 12/16/2014
I thnk you should rewrite it and it's up to you on the details :D
Seraphim Shayde chapter 20 . 12/13/2014
It was perfect! It was slow, and genuine, and they weren't so oblivious to their own and eachothers feelings that it was sickingly irritating. Like I said, it was perfect!
Rose Empress chapter 20 . 12/13/2014
I'll call myself the Rose Empress for the time being but I just want to say that you have an amazing talent for writing and really hope you do something with it.
The Rose Empress
Guest chapter 21 . 12/12/2014
: finding their identity.

Thank you for a story that showed me this.

As for the rewrite, good luck, I think it will be quite a challenge to top what you did here. Can't wait to read it.

Guest chapter 21 . 12/12/2014
I just want to start off by saying that this is one of my favorite stories. While reading this I was able to see myself in both your caracters and associate with them and their circumstances. What made your story so enjoyable is the fact that there isn't a cliche waiting around every corner, it has sense of realism to it and that makes it more relatable to your audience. I loved how you made your caracters normal people, not the jock and the nerd or the bad boy and the good girl, just...normal high school students.

Come January I'll be a matriculant (senior, gr12 - whatever you call in in your academic system) and like Brody and Felicia I've always felt like I'm just 'there', you know nothing special just an ordinary girl no one might remember once we graduate come December 2015 and even though I am content with not being the center of attention, I have come to realize after reading your story that I am indeed in a mental rut at the moment and that I shouldn't be content with just being "inexplicably there".

Life has so much more to offer us, be it falling in love with your neighbor, going to your dream school, or just doing the one thing every teenager strives to do:
midnight tales chapter 21 . 12/12/2014
A rewrite sounds brilliant! I was so surprised to get an email informing me that you have updated this story considering how it seems ages ago since I've read this. I think I was just fifteen too back then! Anyway, just want to let you know that I look forward to whatever it is that you have planned for this story's future :)
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