Reviews for Spring Equinox
mousegirl05 chapter 14 . 8/14/2017
Greetings! I found the concept of this story very enjoyable. Also, I like the characters very much, most especially Cole. They were all so very dear and I thought Dragon's Fire's personality was one of the most entertaining (and believable) animals in any story I've read. I appreciate that while he didn't have a huge role in the story he was never 'left behind' as a convenient plot point to start us off.

I'm sure you're not looking for critiques, especially given the age of this piece, but I can't help being me. :) I am a little unclear regarding what specifically happened to Dom (and when it happened) relative to Gus and to Vinca's fleeing.

Regardless, overall, I had a good time reading through this. :) Thanks for sharing.

SlashLover chapter 14 . 2/1/2016
Decent story. A bit cutesy. I like your CRDP series better, but not bad.

I will just say that the overuse of "the boy" "the girl" "the man" was tiring. There are other ways to indicate someone other than that. Instead of "he looked at the girl" say "he glanced at his daughter" instead of "he held the boy" use "he touched his lover" or "his arms enveloped the man who took his heart". More descriptive and original, less vague.
SlashLover chapter 12 . 2/1/2016
Randy and Joe seemed totally unnecessary here. Maybe it will be obvious in the next chapter.
SlashLover chapter 10 . 2/1/2016
Wait, so I'm not entirely sure what happened in the scene with Gus. Why did it take place on Cole's property? It seems like a confrontation that should have occurred earlier, elsewhere.
SlashLover chapter 6 . 1/31/2016
Wait, so Vinca is old enough to drink alcohol? If he's old enough to drink would he still be considered a boy?

The whole "boy" thing makes this seem more pedophile-ish. But now I'm totally confused about his age.
OliverMarco chapter 14 . 5/19/2015
I really enjoyed reading this story. I Love Cole & Vinca.
I read it three times couple days ago. I think I'm going to re-read it again x)
OliverMarco chapter 1 . 5/19/2015
I think this is the best story ever !
Riayl chapter 14 . 6/30/2013
Just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed this story. This is actually the second time I have read it, I think the first was a year or so ago. :) I don't think I left a review/comment then and for that I apologize as it is a very sweet story. Thanks for sharing.
Vlurry19 chapter 14 . 5/15/2013
Perfect story.
clt7brdgfrth chapter 14 . 3/7/2013
Ok I just read this entire story and oh my gosh it was incredible. The scene where we found out how Dom died and Roberto taking Vinca home felt rushed, but totally ok because it was in this amazing story. Seriously one of the best stories I've read. Top three no doubt. And the sex was hot ;)
Peacock Slayer chapter 14 . 1/8/2013
So beautiful. I don't think that this could be made any better I love it! :)
quayjahn chapter 14 . 1/4/2013
Except for chapter 10 a really sweet story. I really liked the end and I'm glad, that in the end, they became their own little family.
quayjahn chapter 10 . 1/4/2013
This chapter felt really rushed, nearly like someone else wrote it.
EtherealBlue chapter 14 . 9/26/2012
The story is so sweet, a real pleasure & I absolutely love Vinca! It's interesting to see the difference between the shy bird at the beginning & the self-assured man towards the end. Memories change everything don't they? :)
diamondblaq chapter 9 . 7/5/2012
i love this story soo far :)
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