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hunter005 chapter 1 . 2/6
Hi there! I just finished reading this story—for the 5th time... It is amazing! I have a few favorites here on fictionpress, and this is in my top 3 favorite stories! You're writing is so realistic and beautiful. I love how you introduce your characters to us readers, we're constantly learning about them throughout the story. You did an awesome job writing about Gracie and Jonah's relationship. For a while I was really worried that Gracie would end up with Simon. But once I realized that is was Jonah she'd be with, I gleefully shrieked (as loud as I could at 4 AM without waking up the neighbors). You're description of Jonah's kiss made me melt. Seriously. I had goosebumps, something I didn't get from Simon's or Carlin's kisses. I felt as uncomfortable as Gracie felt when reading about their kisses. But Jonah, ahh Jonah O'Mara... I don't even know where to begin. He's so wonderful. You've cursed me, I'm going to compare every man I meet to Jonah, a character -_- haha! I'm going to NYC in a week, so I'll now be on the lookout for a quiet, handsome, irish lawyer. ;) Thank you for this story and also "So Real" and "Goodbye until Tomorrow" and the one shot from Jonah's point of view. They are all beautiful works of art that I keep reading over and over again. Continue your good work!
EmsTheOne chapter 20 . 1/12
Wow. So um. The first time I read this story was probably around the time when it was finished, but for some reason, reading it again as a more mature person made it impossible act me so much more. I really really love this story!
Pseudonym59 chapter 17 . 1/1
I'm really glad you didn't make everything go back to normal with Sarah and Gracie that quickly. What Sarah did to Gracie was just awful. And a 2-word text doesn't make up for it.

And I'm really sorry you had to go through that. :/ Here's to hoping you're happy. :)
Pseudonym59 chapter 16 . 1/1
Nope. Still mad at Sarah.
Pseudonym59 chapter 14 . 1/1
I'm really mad at Sarah. Furious. I know she's upset with Gracie because of the Liam thing. But she should understand most of all how it feels to be sexually harassed and told no one will believe you.
Pseudonym59 chapter 13 . 1/1
Oh my god :( Everything went to shit so quickly. I cant believe Carlin would do that. I hope people believe Gracie
Pseudonym59 chapter 7 . 1/1
Ahhh, Simon seems like a decent guy. D: It's going to suck for him when Gracie goes "lol nope."
Edna-Mode413 chapter 13 . 9/26/2014
Carlin did a complete 180 it's like this new personality came out of nowhere and... Carlin is acting like a high school girl, tattling to the twin sister... And even if Sarah was mad at grace... I find it hard to believe she would seriously believe carlins over her sister (and without even hearing graces side at all)... Especially if Sarah knew of carlins "playboy ways" o.O O.o
Edna-Mode413 chapter 12 . 9/26/2014
Everything is so awkward hahahaha

I keep imagining Gracie being thrown in a 50 shades of grey situation and being traumatized for life FOREVER lol
Guest chapter 20 . 8/30/2014
Wow. I just read this whole story today and had to tell you how amazing it was. Just wow. I absolutely loved it! I felt like all of the characters were so relatable. Jonah is my dream man, just sayin. I was hoping and praying that Gracie would run to him after her encounter with Carlin the douche bag.

Thank you so much for this story! Absolutely adored it. You are extremely talented.
Be My Valentine chapter 19 . 8/27/2014
*bellows, then does a happy dance*
The ending/epilogue is a little cheesy, but I can handle a bit of cheese. It's so weird, in the beginning Jonah was like this cool, detached character and now he has a personality, a passionate side, and the ability to bring cheese to happy endings. O.o

I hope Danielle managed to get through the divorce okay. Simon just...walked out of her life, without even apologising for the Carlin debacle. That made me so mad. Grrrr.'s hoping he suffers for the rest of eternity. I never hated Sarah in the first place, because in the first chapter I thought Sarah might be that twin who makes the moves on all her sister's love interests, but she isn't like that at all...she actively stays away. Sure, she slipped up at the "throwing Grace out into the streets" thing, but it shows me that even twinnies can fall out, and have boundaries and all that stuff.

This story was pretty perfect, I would rate it 9.8/10..I could tell you about the 0.2 that let you down, but it's so insignificant I won't bother. The ending...a bit mushy for me, but I'll let you off the hook, because you deserve it.

Well done, you wonderful person, thanks for giving me a pleasurable couple of hours.
Be My Valentine chapter 16 . 8/27/2014
I was reading your Author's Note, and I couldn't believe it when you said you had over a hundred reviews, at chapter sixteen! (I expected the number to be higher) Are you telling me, once upon a time, this story was an undiscovered gem and hardly anyone knew about it? Christ. I find that hard to believe, when I'm reading a well-written piece of fiction, with good characters and great conflict. This is the best story I've read on FP in a while, I think.
Be My Valentine chapter 15 . 8/27/2014
Haha, I remember Harrison Ford delivering that line was he was being lowered into the fire. It was more a moment of hilarity, than a decent love confession scene. Which I could say more, but I'm racing ahead, smell ya later

(Oh, and I can't wait for Sarah and Simon to eat their words, when they find out Gracie has been falsely accused. HA!)
Be My Valentine chapter 14 . 8/27/2014
I was interrupted whilst reading this chapter last night (by someone knocking on the door) and I was peeved, to say the least. I just KNEW she was going to Jonah's, the moment she started running down the list of people she COULDN'T go too. And he's been harbouring a secret flame? Aah, this is gushworthy material, this is.

Loved it. And thank you.
Be My Valentine chapter 13 . 8/26/2014

Seriously. And she was in love with this guy? FOR TEN YEARS? I know love is blind and all that, but how couldn't she see the signs before, unless Carlin wasn't interested in her, so didn't show his nasty self until he decided she was next. *shakes head* And he knew too? That she held a torch for him? Boy oh boy.

Simon - WHAT A CAD.

To not believe his own girlfriend! Okay, so some people do lie about being cheats, but GRACIE ISN'T A CHEATER. Urgh, I hate him less than Carlin, but I still want to bang his head against the wall. It just goes to show he's willing to believe in gossip. But again, cheats lie all the time, so I'm not surprised Simon is not believing Gracie at the moment, but it still smarts.

I just can't get over Carlin's betrayal. I mean he isn't in the stort a lot, but I thought he might be all right, and happily married all the way to the end. But you've been planning this. I LOVE YOUR PLANNING. This story is so hot tight now, it's a jalpeno. Are jalpeno's hot? Well look up the hottest chilli, that's you right now :P

I'm back to my rambling ways, yay :D
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