Reviews for Summer Rain
xCailinNollaigx chapter 1 . 2/17/2009
Oh, linz. That was beautiful. I really, really liked it. I think that's the best writing from you, including fanfiction, it was just so bittersweet. It was like Romeo&&Juliet... a love so strong, it breaks him not to have it. Such a necessity, he can't breathe without it. So important, he ends his life to relight it. Ohh.. it was beautiful. The newspaper article was a good touch as well, and the letter was very heart-warming/wrenching - if that makes sense. It warmed my heart to see hoow much he loved the girl, how much he really adored her . and yet, it was wrenching as he ended his life.. he couldn't go on.

The song, I like it. Never heard of it, I think I'll look it up. I've never even heard of the person who wrote it. Is it an old song?

Ahh.. L'amour. C'est magnifique.

PM me ;) My Gmail is a pain in the ass. My emails arent going through - I joined this site and it didn't... .you know what? I want clog up the review with my disparing tale. PM me :) (I have some serious apoligies to give out.)