Reviews for Nothing to Lose
anythingiwanttowatch chapter 16 . 3/24/2012
Why haven't you updated? Please! I need to know what happens next!
Wings of Beauty chapter 16 . 3/20/2012
please update! i am addicted to the story!
Alfirin-Lover chapter 16 . 3/19/2012
You need to update. Like, seriously. This story is awesome!
kapap chapter 16 . 3/15/2012
I love your story!

Rhapsodybywam chapter 16 . 3/5/2012
I just started reading this yesterday and I am obsessed! This is a fantastic story and I really hope you continue writing this. I really love (and hate) how you keep information so close to your chest, in a manner of speaking. You don't tell us everything off the bat and that makes the rest of the story so much more rich and interesting. As for the plot I like how you're dedicating multiple chapters to Kit each relationship in the house, it really allows for a greater depth of emotion and not as much brevity. With that being said I wish you put in more Neve! He's my favorite character and it's so interesting how he responds to everything. I hope he gets a new definition of rape? That would make me very happy and fulfilled. Also, are we going to see Kit exploring demon society and his powers with the demon teacher, Esmeralde? That sounds like it could make for an extremely interesting plot arch...on a side she the horse? And this is the part where I hate your tight-fistedness because I've gotten to the end of what you've written and I don't know who the crystals are from (Neve?), I don't know who/what the horse is (Esmeralde or other demon?), and there's no smut! Regardless, thank you for writing this as it has brought me immense pleasure so far and it is really well done. Good Luck in all your writing and I look forward to reading more of your work.
PuppyGirl18 chapter 16 . 3/4/2012
awww Kit is just so cute and I can't wait to he gets over everything and lots all his husbands.
humanoidmegg chapter 16 . 3/4/2012
This story is awesome! I'm so glad you are still adding chapters! It's been a while since I checked back so it was a fantastic surprise to find a couple of new ones :) :)

Great universe, engaging characters and so much lovely angst - I can't wait for the next chapter!
Jayn chapter 16 . 2/5/2012
I'm glad I had a few chapters to catch up on! I really love this story. :) Poor Kit! I hope you have an awesome happy ending planned. He has so much anxiety. I hope he can just relax with his husbands for a little while before freaking out again. And I really hope Neve does the courting process soon! I'm interested to know what that entails! Please update soon!
PegasusWings chapter 16 . 2/4/2012
awww, so freaking cutee! xp am going to snuggle and hug everyone one of them. great job! xp
empress11690 chapter 16 . 1/18/2012
still waiting for that update!...tick tock tick tock tick..tock...or I'LL FIND YOU...(wink)
empress11690 chapter 16 . 1/18/2012
awesome and so moving! this story is sooo exciting and I can't wait to see wat up next! ;)


A Typical Aquarius chapter 16 . 1/17/2012
Yay, an update! I do love this chapter, but it seems a bit choppy. I dunno, maybe that's just me. I like how we are seeing more of Sei, though I feel like we could use some Felix too.

I have a question thing though; are the stones on Kit's pillow Neve starting to court him? I feel like it is, though I guess I could be wrong. Well, either way, I can't wait for another update.

Luck in love, life, and writing, from your devoted reader,

AudreyKW chapter 16 . 1/6/2012
I REALLY REALLY REALLLLLLLLLLY HOPE YOU POST MORE SOON. BECAUSE OH GODS. THIS IS PURE GOLD. I want to add this story to my favourites a dozen times over!
prostock69 chapter 1 . 1/3/2012
Ch. 1: Oh, I hate it when that happens! Pick someone up at a bar, wake up married to them the next day. Then find out they have multiple husbands! Love it!
fuyublue chapter 16 . 1/2/2012
More plez
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