Reviews for daisy
steffxnie chapter 1 . 12/4/2009
The word to sum up this poem is 'wow'.

Let me explain why I like this so much.

The flow is smooth, your choice for words and expressions are beautiful.

lines like: 'But even in her innocence there's wisdom you can’t grasp', 'she lectures you with laughter and you know that right and wrong are no mystery at all', 'but her devotion

makes it clear you are not her partner that partner is sacred

to daisy', 'But she isn’t superhuman or seeing sunshine all the time'... well basically, it's the whole thing.

I like the repetitions of daisy. They come really naturally and add even more to the poem.

It's amazing how you can be inspired and write all these styff just by looking into someone's eyes. This piece is sweet and moving. You have a lovely writing style. Please keep writing!