Reviews for Silence de Morte
grape.soda.pop chapter 1 . 1/27/2009
I can't believe more people haven't reviewed this! It's really good and entirely true! (well except for the proverb, I agree it doesn't hold enough truth but then again some people might see it differently)

Really cool! I love it!
jiali18 chapter 1 . 12/31/2008
Wow, this is pretty short, but I think it's also pretty amazing. I LOVE the figurative language, the personification, the metaphors, the symbols, the imagery. Basically: "The silence shifts and bends. There is nothing else. Contempt breeds here, thrives in the stillness, because nothing else could live instead. It grows, like a weed, in fine-winding tendrils; it chokes and strangles any blossoming words before they are spoken." I think this is a good example of writing as an art form. Like Oscar Wilde. When you read it, it just sounds pretty. Am I making sense?

Haha, I haven't seen much of those here. Or perhaps I just haven't been lucky to find them? Most of the time, it's basically about the content and the plot line (not that there isn't anything wrong with that). Here, the plot and the content are extremely hazy. That might seem like a liability, but I think it's a strength. The ambiguity allows the reader to apply any plot to it. You just gave us the foundation. Pretty dang cool of you. :D