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Lone-Reaper chapter 13 . 12/25/2009
This story is frickin' awesome! Okay, that's a big understatment...well, let's just say that I would most likely jump for joy and even do a little dance if I saw "Once Upon a Nightmare" at the bookstore. I just love this story!

I actually found this tale while I had the stomach flu last week...TT I couldn't sleep, so I searched FictionPress for the first time in my life, looked under the supernatural catagory, and found this. What better way to soothe your flu than to read a great story? Anyways...on with the review.

I'm not sure I can remember ALL the great points of the story for review, but I'll start with the highlight of this chapter...Violet and Alexander's relationship.

When I first started reading this story, I failed to realize that it was also pinned under the 'romance' catagory. I don't usually read romances because, well, lets just say I'm the last person to be found even coming close to reading a Harlequin. But that's not to say that I don't like romance in a story, I just don't like the cheesey, sappy type of stuff. But I do like well written romantic chemistry quite a lot, and this story here doesn't fail to capture my interest in exellently thought-out character chemistry.

Your characters are just so interesting and lovable, and towards the middle of chapter 2, I started getting the subtle vibe that Alexander and Violet would end up together some time or another. And as much as I love Armand, I still think Alexander (as he is, technically, her soul mate) should be the one to end up with the violet-eyed Violet.

I simply think they belong together, and that's that. He cares so much for her, and vice-versa. She brought him out of his apparent depression from losing Enna, and even his family noticed that change in him!

However, after reading chptr 15 I wonder if they can ever truly be together. Has Alexander really gotten over Enna? And what will happen if Violet, Morpheous forbid, dies in the real world? And what will happen if she takes that evil, pink Dream-Queen up on her offer and becomes a nightmare? So many questions and so little time!

Please give us chapter 16 soon!

P.S. Also, please, pleease give Armand a happy ending or something, because he really deserves it.

Avant-garde and Dream Realms chapter 15 . 12/23/2009
Until you brought up Hina offering to turn Violet into a Nightmare, I'd somewhat forgotten that Violet has a limited amount of time left before her waking-world body "dies". Now that her relationship of sorts with Alexander is open, I'm wondering how desperate she'll be to take Hina's offer, and how it could affect her body. And then there's all the bloodline genetic history whatnot that's going on with the Ira family. I'm particularly interested in seeing how the Dreams share blood and family ties.

Another great chapter! Until next time!
Avant-garde and Dream Realms chapter 14 . 12/23/2009
Sorry for the late review! I'm glad to see Armand is back. I loved his interaction with Lana, and I'm enjoying Violet's "coming out" so to speak. She's becoming more vocal about her thoughts, which is nice because she's getting bolder. Though, now I'm wondering why everyone thinks Alexander looks different (aside from the Nightmare Lock and his "official" exchange of feelings with Violet). For such a depressing chapter, it was extremely funny.

Things to Fix:

At the beginning: "He waved (u)at(u) me with his fingers..." "At" was underlined in the text. "...and we followed them." Violet and Alexander followed his waving fingers? Or followed the renegade Dreams? This sounds a little awkward to me, so you might want to consider changing it. It reads as if Alexander's fingers aren't a part of his body and are floating in the distance somewhere beckoning to them.

When Violet meets Donovan: "A cat trailed at his heels; a huge, ugly cat, gray and striped, with mattered hair..." I think you mean "matted" hair.

When Lana shows up the second time: " “Relax,” Alexander drawled. “We’re were just talking.” " Either change the "we're" by cutting out the apostrophe-'r'-'e' or eliminate the "were".

To the next chapter!
SunlitSky chapter 15 . 12/22/2009
This is one heck of a story. Why are you not a published author? This has to be one of my favorite stories ever. Brilliant. How did you come up with this utter geniusness? It is a work of art that makes me unbelievably happy. :)

Your characters are undeniably fabulous, original, and well crafted. I love their dynamic, and I can't wait to see where little Abel fits in and what the heck Armand is. Obviously, he must be a night terror considering his restraints, but he's not a mindless killing machine. Perhaps he's half dream half nightmare? That would balance him out and give him the immense power without the insane killing rampage part.

I have often thought how much fun it would be to write a fantasy/romance story in which the male character exists only in dreams in a fantasy/almost surreal world. If I had ever pursued it, this is how I would want it to turn out. Thank you for sharing your hard work with us. I hope it one day ends up on the shelves of Borders/Barnes and Nobles, but until then, keep updating! I can't wait to see what happens!
iryannaS chapter 15 . 12/22/2009
That's why I love them, they ARE badass. Haha. I wish this story would become a real book because then we could all write fanfics about it. (: Oh gosh, I wish I had my own Alexander. Because of you, every night before i go to sleep, I pray for my very own Nightmare. Haha.
D.J. Loftus chapter 15 . 12/21/2009
Alexander has now become my favorite fictional character. I don't know how it happened. I was reading this book (I say book because this goes beyond just a story) and I simply fell in love with his character. I love your plot and your idea and your amazing characters. I cannot wait for the next chapter.

ArieiDelmonte chapter 15 . 12/21/2009
I drank enough that if I wiggled my hips, the water swirled around like a whirlpool inside me— um, not that I tried it.
Kirhava chapter 15 . 12/21/2009
Hey, if you get some fanwork for this story, please, share it with the readers! Put the link in your profile, or something like that, pretty please? Id love seeing it too.

The Souvenir chapter 15 . 12/21/2009
I just found this story yesterday and had a mighty fine time reading it. You're a genius at characterization. Keep it up!
iryannaS chapter 4 . 12/21/2009
I loved this chapter. Epically funny about the "upstairs" bit and the "dreamland" bit . (:
iryannaS chapter 2 . 12/21/2009
"And yes, OW!"

"The Glare means RUN"

haha .

i love this chapter !
TumbleWeed23 chapter 15 . 12/21/2009
"At once I felt the influence of his hand over my mind, a musician at work with a favored instrument."

GENIUS! I abso-freaking-lutely LOVE that line! This Chapter was really really good and now i'm doubly excited to know what happens in the end!

And yes, female villains are definitely more interesting and badass :-D! Go MissJak! yay!
iryannaS chapter 1 . 12/21/2009
Gaah ! Just be reading the first chapter , I know I absolutely love this story ! It's really cute and I would SO want to be Violet . Btw , I kind of imagine Alexander to look like Ian Somerhalder .
Lonzo chapter 15 . 12/20/2009
Or generally more annoying...
elennie chapter 15 . 12/20/2009
Congratulations on winning! You totally deserve it.

This story just gets better and better and better. Armand! A Night Terror! Or...something similar? It's amazing. I love him best. He's such a soft yet hard character, gentle yet fierce...and being hot as Hell's fire (no pun intended) doesn't hurt an inch.

I really hope he's given something in the end, seeing as how he won't be getting Violet. This is all just...amazing. You've got such a beautiful gift. Please update again soon!
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