Reviews for Shrubbery
Old-Wives-Tale chapter 1 . 1/4/2009
"Maybe her father had, bu the didn't discuss such things; all he'd said at breakfast was that she should play in the garden, and be on her best manners- and to never, ever pick leaves from tone of the bushes."

"bu" and "the" should be "but" and "they?" Just guessing.

""Oh, shit." said Shara."

The period after "shit" should be replaced with a comma. ~xD

Um, I like it so far, and the ending seemed okay. But since we're still not really sure how dangerous the plants are, I think you should have just extended the story from where you left off instead of leaving a cliffhanger. It is very short. But good work, I like it so far. The second paragraph seemed a little confusing, but that was just to me. I'm interested in where this story will go though!