Reviews for Boil For Five Minutes
Chasing Skylines chapter 1 . 4/26/2009
[“Oh what a to do!”

Said one pea to another,]

"Said one pea to another" cannot stand as its own sentence, as it is a tagline (he/she/it said/asked/variation), so said shouldn't be captalized.

[“Next door has been taken!

“My sister, my brother!

“All my family was plucked up by God!”]

All the same person talking, right? I'm pretty sure the quotation on the second line isn't needed, but not entirely sure.

[“Shall we be scared?”

Said the other to the pea who had spoken.]

Same as what I said earlier.

[“We are all doomed!”

Cried the rest in despair,]

"Cried [...]" is a speech tag too, so it shouldn't be capitalized.

[The roots pulled from earth came like thunder.]

Rather confusing line, probably because of "came."

[“Oh what a to do!”

Cried one pea to the other,]

What I said earlier.

[“We were nothing but veg.,]

I suppose because it's dialogue abbreviations are alright.

Oh, a poem about peas to accompany the one on carrots. What a literary dinner. P

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Denizen47 chapter 1 . 1/8/2009
*ehem* It's "nang". That is all.
Carus chapter 1 . 1/8/2009
Hahahaha, love it! I liked the rhythm of it as well, it reminded me a bit of 'the owl and the pussycat' poem.

I wonder where you got your inspiration? Bahahaha :P

I like the dramatic twist you've put on it as well.