Reviews for Wrath of the Dark Queen
Alice B. Black chapter 2 . 1/16/2009
Such a horrible turn of events! I was really upset that you made that happen! But I suppose she's safe with her husband at the end. This chapter was a big suprise however, did not see any of that coming. Good job on that, and I feel compelled to keep reading, you're managing to hold my interest the entire time.

Alice B. Black chapter 1 . 1/15/2009
This was an interesting piece and I'm looking forward to more. Mysteries are always fun, and they're always better when the writer is good at writing. I did notice a few mistakes here and there, there were a few unneeded caps on words after commas. I don't know why you had them, perhaps you word processor wasn't catching them. And one paragraph was very long, I ended up having to highlight my way through it because the words were all mushing together for my eyes.

The description was excellent. The way you described the whipsers was beautiful. And I loved your opening, right away you want to find out who this girl is, why she's passing out in a bar. Who's the man? By the end everyone is pushing for the man to save the woman and win her love and memories. Of course if he did that, then the story would be over already!

It was wonderful, and I hope to read more soon.