Reviews for Imitative
Louis Denair chapter 1 . 7/31/2009
A very entertaining little novella. Again, the language imitates the style of Jane Austen very faithfully and it is very hard to spot any flaws, rends in the veil of suspended belief, if you will. Your writing has a certain _flow_ to it. I sometimes find myself reading on automatically, sometimes without fully comprehending the accurate meaning of what I'm reading, but simply downright enjoying the trance and harmony of the language. That is what I like in the XIXth century English. It feels harmonious and proper. The modern language is well, dirty. Interesting, granted, but dirty. In this regard, in that properness, sobriety and harmony you are very successful an imitator. (I mean that in a good sense). Keep up the good work. (Oh, and I really don't get it why such quality stories receive so few reviews. Guess that's how FP works. A few folks hit the story and soon it's already on the bottom of the 'just in' list.)
R. M. Kent chapter 1 . 1/21/2009
I absolutely loved this. Being an avid Jane Austen fan, I thought you captured he style well, describing the characters and scenes perfectly! You definitely capturd my attention.