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diwu6398 chapter 6 . 8/11/2010
A great religion: Pastafarianism. Go to venganza . org. It's very sexy.
VanessaWolfsbane chapter 18 . 4/3/2010
Thanks for pointing out the obvious as I already knew that I am mentally unstable.

Again, your school seems muxh more exciting than mine.

Pregnant? Really? That's hilarious! I would pay big money to see whatever creature you give birth to!

Spring break! W00T!

Genevieve chapter 3 . 2/4/2010
Well know i just told you how adorable you were

but this whole entry! so english

i think of you as having the kind of accent similar to my old english teacher. he was always like "bohs" instead of bus.

bonkers! oh goodness! and gingers! well in australia we call them rangas, short for orangutans. there you go, you should spread it around.

oh gosh, now you are talking about invading poland with that wonderful little accent of yours

i have no idea why you dont have girls all over you, but i expect it is because you are stuck ones who hear accents like yours all the time.

You ought to move to australia or america, sorry, but im afraid it is the only way you will ever be truly appreciated

(now my thoughts are in an english accent, thanks mate! brilliant stuff. bollocks. well fit hahaha)

you are a funny man

btw your business teacher sounds like quite an individual and a very interesting man, as evil as you make him our to be.

but if i had someone to tell me how he wore afros and platform shoes in the 70s in an english accent i think my life may be complete

i think more people should say yes. (instead of yeah)

pip pip
Genevieve chapter 2 . 2/4/2010
my god you are adorable

"They are utterly soul destroying"


i cannot help but read them in an english accent

i love englishmen and their accents

delicious haha

you have no idea how happy those phrases made me

bollocks! XD
VanessaWolfsbane chapter 17 . 2/3/2010
Its possible that it was in your head, but not likely. After all, you had just drank an energy drink for breakfast.

Something tells me there was a little more than just chemistry there...

Ugh! I'll hate you forever for that mental image!

I MIGHT forgive you for forgetting.

You know, I've probably heard worse. I'll let you know if you tell me.
VanessaWolfsbane chapter 16 . 1/31/2010
Yay! You got it working!

As I've already said, amazing chapter :)
VanessaWolfsbane chapter 15 . 1/28/2010
Aww, just for me? I feel loved. xD

Lol, I'd pay to see that advertisement! I think those debt consolidators should all be shot. Then they can go into debt with their medical bills and see if those crappy companies can't get them out :P

Hmm, I think I'll make a list like that. It'd be funny to see what other students think. Though I'm pretty sure we'd all agree that my Biology teacher can kick ass.

I tried out the red bull thing, and it worked for yesterday, causing my Geography teacher to get Royally pissed off, but I didn't have enough to do it today as well, and my mom wouldn't buy me any more :(

And it was NOT a load of crap! I greatly enjoyed it! :P
VanessaWolfsbane chapter 14 . 1/26/2010
Very proud :D

You? Cynical? No! Really?

Babies and toddlers are EVIL! I have two little cousins, both boys, and I swear they came from the devil himself! MY two year old cousin cursed his father out! Not joking! And he goes around hitting and kicking people. EVIL.

I always thought suicide bombers got their ideas from bees. Nice to know I'm not alone in the nut house. And I don't like ducks. Never have. I've never seen my mom run that fast. She was chased by a duck. Ducks are evil. Just like babies.

Dear God,

Please let something decent happen.

Amen. xD
VanessaWolfsbane chapter 13 . 1/25/2010
Hmm, I think I'll try that challenge if I can get some red bull.

I'm proud of you too :) Yay updates!

I think I'll dare a friend to run around town naked for a Klondike bar. What would YOU do for a Klondike bar?

I refuse to learn how to learn on the grounds that learning to learn takes time away from the actual learning of things to learn besides the process of actually learning to learn.

I'm confused now...

I think I know the random kid who ran into you, seeing as the same thing happened to me last week. Only I caught up to him afterwards and shoved him to the ground. xD
VanessaWolfsbane chapter 12 . 1/24/2010
Yay! An update! Huzzah!

I am proud to say that I am NOT posh! Posh people really tick me off. Honestly, who gives a damn?

I actually have tried to throw a person out a door without opening the door, but all it did was dent the door and give said person a major headache and a bloody nose :(

I don't have a Facebook, I think its stupid. I'm just sticking with my good old-fashioned Myspace.

Omg! Your cat's a genius! That's so cool! I'd love to be a cat, they have it so easy.

I started reading 'To Kill A Mockingbird' last year, but when I fell asleep on the second page my mom told me that if I didn't stop hurting myself intentionally that she'd send me back to the therapist. I had just finally gotten out, and I didn't wanna risk going back in, so I stopped.

Wow, I have my very own gang. That's interesting news. Now I have to think up a cool name and some gang colors. Hm, maybe black and silver? That'd be cool I guess.

Wow, I typed a lot...

VanessaWolfsbane chapter 11 . 1/5/2010
Congrats on finishing Twilight! How did you like it?

As for the question, I honestly don't know. Perhaps she was confused? After all, she was just getting pelted with snow.

People really do talk about the stupid crap. I actually heard a person talking about their dog taking a crap and it smelling weird. This was a girl.

Anyway, sorry about your nail :( That happened to my mom too, but she kicked a door instead.

I'm trying to convince my friend to read this story, but it may take a while since her computer's down. But, as for now, guess you're stuck with me :)
VanessaWolfsbane chapter 10 . 12/21/2009
At least SOME of your teachers were in a holiday mood -glares at my lame teachers-

I saw that signing guy too! I agree, it was really stupid and pointless.

I never got that saying either...I think its something they started saying at Elvis concerts to let the screaming fan girls know to stop wasting their lives and go home.

And I know everything there is to know about Twilight, and I'd be more than happy to help you
wandering around with my Ipod chapter 9 . 12/7/2009
my seatmate is exactly like your business studies teacher, I swear, he must be glowing black...and now I'm kinda nervous of what his job is gonna be :D

just try to chat the girl up online or something, I'm pretty sure he can't get in between the 2 of you there ;)
VanessaWolfsbane chapter 9 . 12/5/2009
Hm, I'll be sure to keep my Christmas in a safe hiding place this year :)

Yahoo Answers is completely useless, but I'd take that strong drink, just to be safe.

As for advice, I know I sound like such a typical girl here, but I suggest you talk to them, preferably seperately. You seem to have a good way with words, so I'm confident that you can make them see it your way.

If you'd rather not, then maybe you could just, ya know, snub him. Just completely ignore him, and he should get the picture. On the off chance that he's a complete idiot, just be rude to him. If you treat him like shit, he shouldn't want to be around you, and if you're always with the girl, then he should avoid you both rather than chance you to be around her.

(And yes, personal hygiene IS high on the priority of girls. Er, at least all the girls that I know)
VanessaWolfsbane chapter 8 . 11/10/2009

Lol, we'd never judge your 'incredible, fantasmagorical' face! xD

Eye examiners do creep me out, I agree with you on that one...

Thanks for giving us a glimpse into the depths of your mind! :D
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