Reviews for The Slave of Heaven Book One
knockmeoffmyfeet chapter 1 . 12/15/2022
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fan of book chapter 1 . 4/19/2018
oh my god I remember reading this when i as 17- 5 years ago, and felt like visiting it again only to find out theres been an update!

Im so glad to hear from you again n very excited to read the newest version, we're here, we're listening! and goodluck, I cant wait to hear about your other book in 2019
Nevalicious chapter 56 . 4/5/2018
Hi Ryan! I was a little surprised when I saw an email from fictionpress about an update on this story (its been years since I’ve been on this site too), but I think it’s great that you are still working on this story. I would definitely be interested in seeing more of it! I really loved this when it first came out and I’m so excited to see how you have improved it. If you need more poeple to critique it, sign me up!
TheDarkGrey chapter 55 . 4/30/2017
I love your stuff, it's absolutely brilliant. I know your busy, but I'll look forward to any future chapters even if it's from a year from now. If you do get published, I'll absolutely buy a hard copy, well if I can get ahold of one. I do live a little far away unfortunately.
dramalover21 chapter 53 . 1/30/2016
Hey, I didn't see this update before I posted my review of Chapter 54. So glad to hear that life is going well for you and that you are still writing! Congrats on becoming a mother!

I enjoyed this scene, but then again, it's almost a guarantee that if Lucien is featured, I'll enjoy it, lol. I loved that he was actually scared of her wolf; sometimes Lucien comes off as a little too arrogant and pushy around Lilth, so it was nice to see the creature within jump to her rescue. I like Lucien so long as he still respects Lilth's boundaries when it comes to being a couple and being intimate. Once he starts to push past them too far (in a not so flirty, joking way), then he starts to become villainous in a not-so-good way in my eyes; so, I'm glad that he backed off once he saw that the inner manifestation of Lilth's wolf (and Lily herself) meant business. Very interested to see how the backstory has changed from the original Prologue of the night of the vampire attack. One thing I'm a little confused about- Is the metaphysical version of Lily (the human dream twin version of her) the same thing as her wolf?
dramalover21 chapter 55 . 1/30/2016
Oooo! I liked this new scene! You definitely see a stronger Lily in it as she tries her best to escape, and I'm dying to know what happened at the end when she tried to jump. I'm very interested to read more about the new characters that are introduced. I don't know who Darien is, and is Anu still a thing? I'm very excited to see what your publishing plans are. I would totally buy this if you self-published!
dramalover21 chapter 54 . 1/30/2016
I'll admit when I read the first A/N, I was worried that Lucien really was going to go through with actually kidnapping her. While I think it would make sense given his character's "I could give a f*ck attitude" towards all authority figures (lol) and not really caring about the consequences at first, I still feel it would be extremely stupid and impulsive on his part given that he really doesn't know anything of Lily's family as she points out to him in saying, "I am a name." Plus, it would be extremely hypocritical, as Lily pointed out in her thought process, of him to trap her with him when he claims that this is what her society back home is doing to her which he claims to trying to free her from. I'm also glad that the final scene ends with following your original plot line of him returning her home because I was really looking forward to seeing Lucien's reaction when he finally does find out that Lilth both is a St. Augustine and that she's engaged to be married. I wouldn't mind him attempting to kidnap her at the point lol though I'd also be very interested to see how he would plan to deal with the fall out that would result from that which would be the two sides going to war against each other I would think.

So, what has been new with you lately? Are you teaching? Writing? It's been so long since we've heard from you. Have you tried sending this to any literary agents yet? Are you going to start updating Part 2 again soon? Readers like myself are dying to know! Tell us all! :)
sara chapter 1 . 9/6/2015
just re-read this again and noticed that in chapter one candace says she the "one and the only" daughter of Goddard St. Augustine, it could be a figure of speech, but maybe she actually knows that Lilith is not her full sister? Was this supposed to be super sneaky?
The World is a Blanket chapter 53 . 6/22/2014
Hi, I absolutely adore this story! I love the characters and the plot and just everything about it :) A thing that I noticed was that you seemed to interchange between the names Angela and Helena for Lily's human friend and I'm not sure if their meant to be the same person, or two different characters. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck publishing the novel, and I will most definitely read it :)
Rio's Desire chapter 47 . 5/9/2013
Well that was a twist, I did not see Aislynn taking her place. So what does this mean now for Lily? Does she lose her status? How can Aislynn take her place when people know who Lilith is, and what she looks like?
Rio's Desire chapter 49 . 5/9/2013
I was so engrossed in this chapter that I never even noticed that my cat had lain across my legs at some point! My body is tingling with excitement for your second book, because who doesn't love bar fights and dragons?! Anyway, I do apologize for not being logged in when I left previous comments, I like to read on my ipad but it seems I cannot log in from it. I just want to say thanks for hours and hours of enjoyable reading! I also want you to know I put down the 3rd Hunger Games book to read your story, it was that addictive. When I went out shopping with a friend yesterday, I realized in the quiet moments we weren't talking, I found myself thinking about your characters and what may happen next! Well keep us readers updated on when we can read your next book! I love the whole concept of their world being near the human world, its just like the show 'Lost Girl', except the humans know about the other races in your story, which is even more interesting.

P.S. I used to follow two other writers on here who also had fantastic stories to tell, and they are going through the process of being published. One of then got her first book published and I bought it the first week it came out! I think its safe to say I've completely fallen for your story and your writing style, which I think is rich and not too wordy or simple, but just the right combination. I really enjoyed your description of their surroundings, and not once did I feel any details were boring or unnecessary. There are some minor spelling and grammar mistakes, but who cares at this point?! I will be delighted on the day I hold one of your books in my hand, and say 'I read this story online in its rough draft! I was there from the beginning!' Its deeply satisfying to read it online and then one day hold the author's finished book in your hands!
Guest chapter 46 . 5/9/2013
Wow. Just wow...I feel like I truly understand Lucien now, if I was uncertain where his emotions lay before, you definitely painted him clearly in this chapter. I felt like I saw less of the evil side before and more of the fun, carefree boyish vamp that he seemed to be. What a fantastic chapter. I'd like to see more Rune again too, I'd also like to know why he was exiled too. I do hope that you will let us readers know when you write your second book, or perhaps you have a website of us to logon to? I can probably restrain a lot of my questions knowing that there will be more!
RiosDesire chapter 45 . 5/9/2013
I got the feeling that Lucien did care about Lilith herself. But that being said also you did make a point of him saying that he didn't want to be the only wolf left, and that he had searched for her because she was a spirit wolf. I think maybe it was the hunt event that really made me feel that way, that he cared for her. I also found the Anu dream interesting in this chapter, like there was some room for an old soulmate connection. Like they could have known each other in their past lives...or just her past life, since he's ancient.
RiosDesire chapter 41 . 5/9/2013
I am rather interested in Alec now, what does he think he's going to do?
RiosDesire chapter 37 . 5/9/2013
I grinned hugely when I read this chapter, and I laughed at her thoughts she had from the venom! Hilarious!
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