Reviews for What Happens In Fairy School
yyyehh chapter 2 . 2/8/2009
I'll sound odd, but I love fairies. You've got a skill for executing science fiction and fantasy well.

It's got me wondering what happens to LJ and Penny. I want to know badly.
EmmsXtheXbrilliant chapter 2 . 2/6/2009
Poor LJ, The truth does hurt, great storie toni its amazing I cant wait for you to update and your other storys too what are they ah oh I almost forgot its been so long since I've seen them another too longe adventure andd the mischeif forest or fairy I don't know but back to this storie, i like it, the charaters seem very real, I like the way you portray LJ and Penny I thought that jasmine was a bit odd but thats only because you didn't spend much time to talk about her and what she is like or her character. Are you going to write the story just through LJ's point of view or are you going to make it so it swiches to another fairy and what they are going through or is it going to be another fairy tell their prespective of LJ's storie I guess I'll find out

love Joey