Reviews for Pot Calls Kettle Black Everyone Shocked
tofujunky chapter 1 . 2/13/2009
Haha, quite cute I may say.

"Is the pot racist?"

If the pot was racist, it would use the N word.

"Did the kettle run away with that whore, the spoon?"

The spoon was no ho, fo' sho. I can't say the same for the tongs, though.

"Maybe the spoon and the pot had something going on, and the kettle came round, flashed some shiny bits and screwed the whole thing up."

I bet my bottom dollar the kettle showed off its long spout.

"In the interests of science, I propose a question: If kitchen implements could argue, what would they argue about?"

They would argue about the truth of their origins (like, did the Almighty Teapot created them in Its image or did they evolved from monkey wrenches) or quarrel over whether bent corkscrews should have the same rights as the straight ones.

"Kitchen utensils do not talk (that I know of), and so they cannot, in fact, call each other anything."

Here is my personal observation: No, kitchen gadgets do no talk. Well not all of them anyway. Just the pot. The pot does all the talking - the kettle would never call the pot black because, unlike pot the yapper, it doesn't speak.

"that we should just stick to calling each other hypocrites, because that is what we are trying so desperately to say, anyway."

I'm sorry, you lost me at "hypocrites." Is that, like, a metaphor for black pots?

rippling iris chapter 1 . 2/6/2009
well put. and very amusing.

my piano talks to me...

just kidding, i don't have a piano. But if i did it would be a talking one.