Reviews for Valentine Letter
Lexodus chapter 1 . 2/14/2009
Woah! That was brilliant! I almost started crying there for a second! Really well written, full of emotion, and very realistic. I loved it!

~Rawking on and out, Lexodus~
WVS chapter 1 . 2/14/2009
Wow, I'm your first ever reviewer in your first ever fictionpress story! :) ...hehe...anyway, on to my review.

I like this story, it has a certain charm. It's angsty, yes, but you managed to express the feelings quite well. It's descriptive so that's good. I think it's cute and sort of sad, but perfect for Valentine's Day. Of course, this plot has been done before many times: on Valentine's day, best friends unrequited love, watching your beloved fall in love with someone else and then confessing it to them when it's too late. I've read countless of stories with the same storyline before.

But of course it's not what's been done, it's how you do it. And I like the way that this story is simple and quite expressive. It's not overly syrupy too (like I tend to do with my stories) and it does not even have too much cheesy stuff which could ruin good stories. It's quite good for a first story.

Just a few grammar errors (like "I've wrote", it should be "I've written") but other than that the structure is not too bad. Just don't try to use too many single sentence paragraphs, in my stuff, i do that a lot and it sort of ruins the flow of the story.

Wow this is pretty long, hehe sorry, but hopefully as a first review it helps you. Cheers!