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Omok chapter 11 . 5/2/2009
I hate how this is the only story you have finished.

'cause, the reality of this story even hurts the reader. /

(Yes I decided to re-read this story)

Have I ever told you, you're one of my favorite authors ever? - if i did, i'm telling you again. If I didn't, here I'm telling you that now. 3 (and I'm still gloomy over the fact that I'm a year older than you. _ ;)

Out of curiosity xD and perhaps unreasonable demand, I'm just going to fire random questions at you xD answer them if you want; lols. (Disclaimer: I swear I can't, and I wouldn't, I AM NOT a stalker. XD I live all the way in Canada :D:D So IT'S OKAY, i don't think I'm capable of stalking you XD)

1. Whens' your birthday? O_O; (just to see how much older I am than you. XD)

2. Your name? XD (I'm curious XD hahaha)

3. Ethnicity? O (I've always imagined you to be Asian XD; but I'm guessing you're not. LOLS. *shrugs*)

Yeah..that's about all the random questions for now :D:D hahaha. XD


4. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO FREAKIN' UPDATE? *stares* (This question isn't optional! ANSWER IT!)

I'm waiting! As always...argh. Stop making me wait so much! And I swear! MAYBE ONE DAY I wherever you are and just chase you down the street with a broomstick screaming at you telling you to update _; (You wouldn't want me to waste the plane ticket now would you? Nor the energy? P Update update XD)

I hope you update soon. I really do. _ ; A lot of people (ME ME ME) love your stories _; Even if you're like the slowest updater in the WORLD. *coughs* You're only in grade nine *stares* life CAN'T be that hard! Go go! update! Argh!
Omok chapter 24 . 2/27/2009
(Warning: I strongly suggest you don't read this review. it's pointless. I'm sorry for even writing it. ~_~; really, i'm sorry for even writing this thing. it's a completely non-productive review...)


I'm pissed off. _;

not at you.

but at everything. Thanks TO you though. _;

*shakes you non-stop* I feel like giving you a comforting*hugs* (i'm not a touchy person in RL. don't worry. lols.) (in other words: MY HUGS ARE RARE, APPRECIATE IT!)

if you what you said is true (that everything up till the 'death' was true), in your author's note (the last chapter)

then, I only have on thing to say; (nah a lot more than one thing)

"families for some are traps, families for some are rebounds, but families for some- are hell."

oh and;

the part about your father,

if it was true;

I hate him. I feel utter disgust for likes of him. but I really shouldn't be saying that should I? since it's such a personal part of you. If it was true. Though I can't help it, everytime I hear something like this, or something like 'Father molests daughter' or 'father abuse' (etc) Things like 'men sucks' ("Men sucks" is really POLITE) echos through my mind. But I'm sorry, hahaha, this is a really bad time to rant out my agony on the idiocies of men.

Well, all in all...

I was happy to read this story, made it feel like that I had a peek in to your life. - in essence, that WAS what this story is about - and i'm glad you wrote it. It's an interesting piece of work. And this is probably the most productive review I've ever given you. *pats pats* Don't worry, these productive reviews will not happen again. HAHAH. probably.

ah screw it.

since i'm really bored, and really pissed off, and yeah, kind of sad, and really bored, and got nothing better to do. I'll rant. It's probably some really depressing things that I'll be saying, so, eh, you can stop reading here if you want. It's useless, I just need to vent this out. _; since your story triggered it. hahaha. sorta. not really. but still. i'm pissed.

on second thought. Forget it. I'm so weird. I'm too lazy, or rather, I don't want to, or not 'motivated' to delete the above paragraph, so I'll leave it up. but nvm, I wouldn't say it (it venting)

Well... no I still have to vent. hahaha.

*takes a deep breath* (I really DID do that)

*closes eyes. I can't see right now*

everytime, everytime I read a story like this, everytime, it echos through my head that it's undeserving. (I'm still picking on the father thing...) What the Fcuk is wrong with this world? I just can't help it but to get pissed off at how many people DON'T have a family. at how many people are SUFFERING because of their family. What the fcuk ? If you're not going to have a healthy family for your child; then DON'T FREAKIN' HAVE A CHILD. If you're facing problems, YOUR CHILD ISN'T THE F'KING SOURCE. Parents are often a child's parent and 'GUARDIAN'. You're not in their life as their 'parent and hell', no, you're their freakin' GUARDIAN. I can't help it but cry. Cry when kids are born to hell. Cry, cry when the most undeserving person in the world receives or lives in this kind of hell, cry, cry when the world is like this, cry, cry when the kindest soul are faced with the ugliest monster.

Cry, at the disgusting faces of humans.

Cry, at the tears of sorrow on the untainted soul.

Cry...When I'm helpless, when there's nothing anyone can do. Cry is all that's out there.

*sighs* forget it. haha. I'm so gloomy right now ~_~; *pats pats* this review is SO unrelated to the story. I'm sorry. (story, sorry, hahaha rhymes)

~ thanks for; eh; writing.

p.s: As for your love, time, believe it or not, time will wash it away. New people WILL come and go. I wish i can tell you everything will be OKAY. but i'm TOO depressed right now to think optimistically. BUT I can still think rationally. Everything WILL be okay, whether or not you'll get a happy ending, but everything WILL be okay.

It's the magic of Time.

p.s.s: For everything here, in this review. I'm sorry. I don't think you should've read this. I don't even know WHY I wrote this. (actually I do. 'cause I'm currently pissed off...) but honestly, don't take anything here to mind, or to heart, since you don't have to. Mkay? - Take care.
zutAra101 chapter 24 . 2/27/2009
u made me cry, uber sad but wonderful; the love u described and the way u described it was great. i'm glad that ur feeling better, and this is going to be very weird but if u wanna talk u can talk to me.

Omok chapter 14 . 2/27/2009
I don't know what to say, I felt like I should review to let you know that I've read this. Well, I did. I can't shake off the feeling that it isn't completely fake, and it isn't completely real. Something must've happened. And even IF it's completely out of your sheer imagination, it still made me feel heavy.

I'm at awe. (did that make sense?)

I don't know what to say, (I said that already), I don't get it, I get the story, but i don't get it, why would any one do that? Why? What the heck should Jenna do? What CAN she do? What about Christine? What can SHE do?

When she's dead?

I believe she's dead. She really is dead isn't she? Though when she left the note for Jenna, it's probably asking Jenna to find something that she've left behind for her, another letter perhaps...right? I hope I'm wrong though.

anyways; yeah...

finish this. I still can't believe 14 updates in a single day-I'm deeming it impossible for you to break that record.
zutAra101 chapter 14 . 2/27/2009
please, please update soon, i can't belive she's dead either, i feel like i'm going mad, a part of me is saying she is dead and the other is saying she isn't.

pleasee update soon.

Omok chapter 1 . 2/26/2009
first things first BEFORE I read this...



1:06 AM? T_T; damn it, I don't have time to read this TODAY. T-T; argh T-T; you're tempting me T-T; omg T_T; T_T;

ih8chu T_T; why can't you put this up EARLIER eh? why can't you do this BEFORE I need to sleep? T-T;

POOP. *stares*
zutAra101 chapter 12 . 2/26/2009
u know this is very wierd, i'm starting to feel really sad now. maybe its the fact that i'm connected to the characs in such a way that what they feel, i'm feeling. please update.
zutAra101 chapter 9 . 2/26/2009
can't wait for the next chap, i already feel attached to the characs. please update soon. i'm intrigued about this.