Reviews for Necessary Condition
diwu6398 chapter 1 . 10/9/2010

After reading one of your reviews and your profile I just HAD to see what your writing was like. Yes, I literally just stalked your pro. Well, not really because stalking is different.

(Ignore my rambling and just read the next few sentences):

I just read the first chapter, so I'm not going to comment on the shortness. Darn it, I just did! And I'm rambling again. I liked the mention of the guy's wife and how angry she was at him. The coffee description was rather magnificent as well. I hope I spelled that correctly. All of the details are really phenomenal, actually. The dialoge sounded good, not too forced, not too much (something I struggle with desperately).

I think that was all I wanted to say. Ugh, I always forget what I want to say! Um... I'll check out your homepage in a while, but I'm in a public library and I'm sure that no one would appreciate me starting to play music. By the way, random sayings at all hours of the day happen to me all the time. Because my beta is Australian, so he's thirteen hours ahead. And then I have a bunch of other people in other time zones, so... I'm rambling again. And I got distracted. Again. I think I'm the only person who can spend nearly three hours typing just two pages of writing. ARG!