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LadyGoldenFlower chapter 1 . 3/5/2009
Well where the question of popularity is concerned, it really depends on the size of this school. My school has around 7,0 kids. Yeah it's huge. So the whole, owning the school doesn't really work because there is always some just as popular and there are no geeks because I know alot of people who are well rounded, sporty and smart. At my school, each individual cliche has its own king or queen or more often than not, a group of populars. I would sugest choosing an area out side of California or the west coast for that matter because the whole moving from Europe to the west coast is kind of overdone. Try the midwest or even somewhere down south. No, we southerns don't all have country accents and we are not red-necks that wear overalls and say hey ya'll (though people do say ya'll alot). You can find a whole lot more info on areas out side Beverly Hills. Hope this helps.
A couple of things chapter 1 . 3/5/2009
The whole driver's license thing varies depending on where you're from - at a lot of schools in cities, less than half the people get their licenses right at 16. And the rules about limits and such definitely vary from place to place - we don't have the same rules as the other person.

"Popular kids" aren't like they are on TV. No one "ruled" my school. Different groups have people within them who are more and less popular. For instance, one person might be more popular (and hang out with more often) with the people on the dance team; another might be more popular with the drama crowd, etc. And generally that popularity does NOT carry over to the administration or teachers. The football team doesn't get slack in their classes, and "popular" kids DEFINITELY do not get to roam the halls. That's a good way to get detention and/or suspension. The only people who get slack regarding coming/going are seniors and juniors who are doing really well academically, and so might get a free period. That's about it, though.

The whole "fish out of water" thing will definitely work because every school is different and has different traditions, so any new person has problems. For example, at my school Homecoming dances were very casual; at other schools they're formal. Schools have different Spirit Week traditions, etc. A new student could EASILY have major problems with that sort of thing. Or encounter one of those couples that "everyone" knows is on again/off again and so stays away, but if you didn't know that history... But I would stay away from the idea of a "school hierarchy" because that's just not realistic. Sometimes social groups have a MILD hierarchy, but not like on TV. and if you don't like a group, you can leave it and go to another. It's also REALLY common to have multiple social groups - like, be part of the band group AND the honors kids group AND the track group AND the NHS group... see what I mean?

I don't feel like I have time to commit to answering every question you need over the course of a whole story, but I think in general if you post us questions at least one person will answer!

Hope some of this at least sort of helped...
on the edge of insanity chapter 1 . 3/3/2009
Ok to start off I am Rose. I am living in the New England area but have visited California many times. OK umm I am able to help you obviously because I am from the good ol' US of A. So onto your first question.

1. Firstly you need to know that our schools system years count starting our first year of elementary school. So that is grade one. The fancy names don't start until grade nine or freshman year. Freshman year is our first year of High School and our grade 9. Sophomore year is our second year of High School. It is our grade ten. Junior year is our third year of High School. It is the grade ten. Year twelve is called Senior year because you have seniority over all the other grades. Because you have completed all your years of required school. Our schools go kindergarten which is for kids from ages (usually) 4-6. Then there is Elementary School which starts with grade one and goes to grade five or six depending on the town. You start at age 6 and usually finish at age 11. Then there is Junior High or Middle School (same place different names). It is grade six through grade eight (usually it differs from place to place). Ages 11-14. Then there is High School. Grades 9-12 (mine is grades 8-12 but we are a weird town). Its usually ages 14-18.

2. School holidays usually include Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter/Good Friday which leads into Spring Break. Some places (my town) have a February Break also. We have odd days off here and there for minor holidays. Like MLK's (Martin Luther King's) birthday and other days (I don't pay attention I just am happy we have them). School starts on September 1st or 2nd. And we go 180 days which lets us out sometime in June depending on vacations (breaks) snow days (New England) half days (weird weird days) and minor holidays (Good Friday)

Christmas- usually a week or two off. New Years is also off. No breaks for other religious holidays so they call it "winter break" which just so happens to land on Christmas.

Thanksgiving- Usually the rest of the week off or three days. For this year it was a Wednesday so I had school Monday and Tuesday, but none Wednesday through till the next Monday.

Half Days- are for "Teacher In Service Days.

Spring Break/February Break- one week of no school in February and April (spring break). Usually spring break starts the day after Good Friday. Or the Monday before.

activities range from Newspapers to Drama society to Sports.

Sports include (usually)- soccer (your football), lacrosse, football (sort of like rugby, well not really but its the closest related sport I think), baseball, basketball, dance, cheer-leading, track and field, swimming, sometimes horseback (yay), field hockey, hockey, softball, those are the most common search Google for other small ones.

Drama- usually for plays or musicals. Some High Schools offer it as a class. Also may include chorus or band.

Others- Newspapers, Anti-Bullying (we are way big on that! well here all around my towns), Rachel's Challenge (Columbine Girl), Junior National Honors Society, National Honors Society, ELNA (community service stuff, yay!) student council (people meet to talk about school issues), don't laugh but a high school near me has this Gay Straight Alliance. Really anything you can think of a school will have it.

4. The "popular" kids we do have. But its not as big as TV shows make it out to be. Well at least in my state. Usually it is the Football players and Cheer Leaders. But some schools it may be other sports. Like Soccer and Soccer (my school yay me!), Lacrosse and Soccer, Swimming and Lacrosse etc. Um here at my school we don't roam around because (stupid) teachers are at almost every corner and you HAVE to have a hall pass.

5. Drivers licenses come at age 16. Okay technically they do. BUT first you have to get your permit. This allows you to drive around WITH a parent or guardian in the passenger seat. Then you take classes and then a test. Then license. THEN you can only drive family for six months and curfew is 12 o'clock (FOR EVERYONE ITS THE LAW!).

Haha a few rants in there, a few personal tidbits. But I think I answered all your questions. Just PM me for more questions!


lissalee chapter 1 . 3/3/2009
I can't really help you because im from the UK but i know that a freshman is in our year 10, a sophmore is our year 11, a junior is our year 12 and a senior is our year 13.

and i love 90210 too!