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QuilloftheIceQueen chapter 30 . 11/25/2012
I would just like to say that your story consumed my life. It's magnificent, truly, magnificently written, beautiful plot, characters, deeper meaning, GAH I LOVE IT. Amazing work haha really great. :) I seriously could not put it down, so to speak, until I finished it and when I did there was that huge sense of "... it's over. What is my life now" that you get with great stories
Jessy-8739 chapter 33 . 9/24/2012
Sorry, I know I said this, but, yeah, it's one of the best story I've ever read.
Any other recommendations of good stories? :-)
Ajretsesmiies chapter 33 . 9/23/2012
one of the best story, thought, I think the ending is pretty sad. I was expecting a happily ever after or something. Though it's completely awesome.
Ajretsesmiies chapter 18 . 9/23/2012
Said awesome for a dozen times, had to find a word to replace it" :-)
Ajretsesmiies chapter 17 . 9/23/2012
awesome action chapter, like Josh very much( insert evil grin here )
Ajretsesmiies chapter 16 . 9/23/2012
very cool story, one of the best I read in fiction press
Robin chapter 31 . 9/5/2012
LOVED THE ENDING. I personally really enjoyed the ending. I liked how you ended it with safia "story telling." Reminded me of those myths, fables grandma's etc. would tell you about. Story time all over again, haha.

anyways i was feeling nostalgic so I rereading the ending and I must say... FABULOUS!
fellintothemoon chapter 1 . 9/1/2012
Hey there. It's Melissa from ADoR! Recently we've been rewriting all o our old reviews and The Story You Shouldn't Know was on my liste. Here is your rewrite:

Melissa Thinks: Venturing into a deeper level than most YA fiction, The Story You shouldn't Know sheds light on the very essence of our nature as human beings. Literally complete and total opposites, Josh and Anna are fighting against the odds with their strange love/hate relationship to make things work while attending a school for gifted children. Anna must uncover the mystery within herself in order to see the truth of her existence and the world around her.

It's full of action, powerful emotions, lessons to be learned, and forbidden romance that can sometimes keep you so engrossed that everything else fades away. It was obvious to me while reading that the believability of certain aspects were quite questionable, but that didn't take away from the strong emotional bond that pulled me into the tale. Our main couple provide great contrast to each other: Anna's sweet, kind, naivety to Josh's devilish, sexy and powerful. It's a story that, contrary to the title, everyone should know.
AngelCupCake chapter 1 . 8/25/2012
I love it so much! Best book I've ever read on FictionPress so far.
Anonymous chapter 31 . 8/14/2012
I'm going to start by saying that I never actually comment on the stories I read. Ive read hundreds of stories on fiction press...not all as lengthy as yours of course...but pretty long stories. But I never review, even if I like it. Mean of me, i know, but I guess I'm just lazy like that.
I really hope you're reading this, bingo, because if you're not then I'm wasting my time right now...but I figure you will read this eventually, considering that your authors notes make it seem like you really value your reviews.
Out of all of the stories that I've read on this site thus far, yours is the second best. It would be first, but frankly, I don't like your ending. Despite the fact that it was the inevitable ending, I just wasn't able to foresee it. I just kept waiting for the part where you would say "and then they lived happily ever after." You never did though.
But that's just me personally, and I'm being very biased, but hey I still think that your story rocked. More so than you know. I just thought I'd let you know since you seem to actually care about your readers opinions.
Lalaith chapter 3 . 8/13/2012
Great story so far! I did find Joshua's name a little weird, especially for a devil. Did you know that 'Joshua' is a Hebrew name meaning 'Savior' or 'Salvation', the same meaning as 'Jesus'?
Cathy Casam chapter 1 . 8/3/2012
I beg of you, please give me a printed version of this story, so I can keep it on my book shelf. I just love this story so
much! I don't cry often, I really don't. But lord, I cried twice while reading this story, TWICE, just because I thought Hussein is dead!
loveofallthatisawesome chapter 31 . 8/2/2012
God, I can't believe you wrote this. I want to cry so bad, in fact I did, when Anna died and again when Josh was in the basement, but now my throat is in constant pain from trying to hold my tears in. Sweet Jesus! The originality and creativity in this story is astounding! I can't even. Like, I just don't know anything anymore.

How did you even come up with an idea like this? There's so much here, like with the religion, with Satan and his history, with the seven sons, with Anna and the angels, and just everything! How? How did this story come to be?

This review is probably going to be messy, all over the place, because I can't put my thoughts together but I just need to talk about it. So here it goes.

I want to talk about story first. You have done such a wonderful job with putting everything together, the small details, so that it flows seamlessly and I just can't help but wonder if you already had it all planned out, with an outline and everything! There's Anna's mom saying she just wants Anna to be good like her father. There's the Wolf, which is just wow, because honestly all that stuff with him being the first son and plotting to be with Anna to eventually defeat with Josh was amazing. There's their marks of course! From them being young kids to them finally being bound to each other and then the last thing, with the universe, was perfect. These are just instances of the things, although some of them being somewhat insignificant, turning out to be huge important things. It's like a huge puzzle, and once it's all put together, or finished, it's like this amazing thing and I'm just 'wowed' and I'm squealing because, oh my gosh, it's fantastic!

Anna. Anastasia. I loved her. So much. She was perfect. When she was at her first day of school I imagined her with this innocent voice and just happy all the time. I thought she was perfect. Sure, she was beautiful and wanted by everyone, but she never used this to her advantage, nor did she talk about it like it was a gift. She was so modest, and I honestly just loved her. So when she met Josh and she started changing because of him, I was kind of scared. She was becoming more human and she was conflicted with herself and it made me kind of sad because it was like she was losing herself. I loved her relationship with the wolf too. She truly cared about him - well, she truly cares about everyone - and her pain when she thought he died was so palpable that I wanted to cry too. Then the way she behaved with Hussein was so sweet too. She wanted him to survive and felt guilty when she couldn't return his love the way he wanted her too. But I guess the thing I loved most about her was that at the end she wanted to be herself. She needed to be herself. Even though she loved Josh and wanted to be with him so badly, she knew that it was not her nature to stop being good. If she had kept going on like that, then I'm sure she would have eventually destroyed herself.

Then there's Josh. Oh, Josh. I hated him at the beginning, but I'm sure you get that a lot. He's evil! Honestly, when I first read the summary to this I thought it would be like two teenagers in school, the goody-two shoes and the hot, arrogant bad boy, that seriously hated each other and eventually learn to love each other. Then I start reading and it's nothing like that! At all! So then I find out that Josh being evil literally means he's the devil and I was just like D: He was careless, and indifferent, and just completely apathetic that I was so glad that Anna hated him.

Then the big fight scene comes in and I'm so terrified because they're actually fighting, and I'm scared that he's going to really kill her. But then the impossible happens: he kisses her. That came out of nowhere! It literally made no sense to me why he kissed her, how he could love her. But then he explained his story and I understood, and I believed him. He loved her. He loved her and I was in shock. Then he's going around telling her all the time that he loves her, and he's getting jealous, and he's around her all the time and he's protecting her, and he hadn't changed! That's what crazy! Well, he did change, kind of, but it's not like he was suddenly this guy who would turn nice just for Anna, and still be evil to the rest of the world. He got annoyed at her, he snapped at her, he yelled and got mad, and he was basically the same person, but now he just would never hurt Anna. And I loved that. Because he became more humorous, and he truly loved her. But then when he was lying to her and everything, I was mad because he obviously didn't trust her, even though he said he did. And that's when I realized: goddang, they fought a lot! Even as a loving couple - oh yeah, and Anna's declaration of love was also unexpected, but it fit perfectly for some reason.

All of this brings me to the ending. The great ending. The sad ending. The devastating ending that made me cry. It saddens me that the last things they said to each other was something along the lines of: 'he doesn't have cancer anymore', 'well then, you're screwed'. And then they didn't see each other for days, until the moment Anna dies. I honestly expected for Josh to defeat Satan and then for them to live happily ever after. But way to kill my dreams! You killed her. And I'm over here crying with Josh - it's rare that I love a girl character without finding flaws in her, but Anna was perfect! - and I just want to go back to the chapter where they're forgiving each other and they were all good and pretend it had ended there. But obviously I can't, because I already where Anna dies and I can't erase that from my mind.

So then the next chapter. I I didn't know what else you could possibly write, but then you come out with that plot twist and I'm not sure how I feel. First of all, Josh living in that basement for decades, basically withering away as a soul, is completely terrible! It's so sad! He's let go of everything in order to fulfill Anna's wishes even though she's dead and he won't even bring her back to life because he knows it wouldn't work between them. But then the wolf comes, and makes it all right. He makes Josh handsome and perfect again, and unleashes evil unto the world. Which reminds, you've officially convinced me that evil is good. Ha. Well, you know, the whole balance thing.

So onto the real ending. What? ! I'm not entirely sure I understand it. I mean, I comprehend it, but I can't imagine it, you know? I know what they're trying to say, with all the we'll be the universe and be in everyone and co-exist stuff, but I don't understand how they will be. What are they?, I guess is what I'm trying to say. What I imagine is that they basically died - not really, but as a metaphor - and their spirits/souls are now together for all of eternity. I like to imagine that they still talk to each other everyday, and kiss, and fight, but now they're just not visible to the world. Kind of like ghosts, but they're everywhere at the same time and constantly looking over everything. I don't know, but that thought makes me happy. I want them to be together.

I understand why they can't be living together, which is just magnificent, honestly!, because it's true. They fought all the time, and they can't deny their natures. They are what they are, and they shouldn't have to let go of that, or like I said, it would eventually destroy them. It makes me sad that they can't be fully alive, but I'm glad they're together somewhere else in their true natures.

I just really miss Josh and Anna *crying*. I'm kind of hoping you eventually publish this, so that I can buy it and have it forever on my shelves. I want to open up a random page and just smile at Josh and Anna being together; at Anna eating ice cream, at Josh appearing next to Anna just to annoy her, at them kissing, talking, fighting, sleeping together, loving each other.

God, there's so much more I want to say, but this review is long enough as it is, so I'll just stop right here. Oh, but I really loved Hussein and Safia, too! Adored them actually. But my favorite characters will always be Josh and Anna. I love them and I thank you so much for writing this story and creating them :D
Guest chapter 1 . 7/14/2012
WOW! Great story! I really love this first chapter! And I'll be reading on curiously and eagerly... You're the best!
kthxbye chapter 31 . 6/28/2012
Just kidding. Apparently you live in Egypt(: That's pretty fantastic if I do say so myself(:

I probly just annoyed half the population of the world for reviewing your story like 8 times, but idgaf so they shouldn't either(:

And btw. I hate the words "THE END". They make me wanna cry all over again.

hahaha anyways(: I've overstayed my welcome(: I love your story. It's amazing, had few grammar errors, and was the most interesting story that I've read in a long time. Even though I'm only a teenager, I read wayyyy too much for my age. It's a problem. Haha(:

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