Reviews for Vampire Cruelty
Victoria Salter chapter 1 . 8/15/2013
I really do quite like your poem. I love vampires and I think it is great that you want us to actually sympathise with them for once and not with the hunter. I totally agree that unnecessary cruelty towards vampires, such as what you describe in your poem.
However, I must say that the bit about the bile through his teeth did make me feel a bit put off (or is this actually a metaphor for something else?). Blood is okay. It is quite normal for a vampire poem to have blood in it, but bile is taking it all a bit too far and, in my opinion, it doesn't make it any more vampirey or horror-esque. It just makes it gory and at least somewhat disgusting, in my opinion.
Also, I was kind of expecting your poem to actually go into more detail about how the poor vampire was actually feeling and about how cruel his death was. To make it more horror-like, and to make the reader feel even more sorry for the vampire, you could have added in some more detail about how friendly he really was and how cruel his death was.
Anaben chapter 1 . 3/6/2009
I like the direction you took. Most vampire poetry and fiction are so similar but you step back and remind us of what they were before evolving.

Specifically, I like the idea of the vampire being a metaphor for the socially excluded, the depressed, the weak and dying, and anything as harmless as the dead (which we forget they are!).