Reviews for Umbrella
Kate Marshall chapter 1 . 3/22/2009
Are you talking about rain? I can't figure out who the poem is adressed to. I'd like it more if it was clearer.

Some single-spaced stanzas would be pretty in this. The double-spaces look bland in comparison to your descriptions. (Hold shift while pressing enter or backspace to single-space up or down.)

And I love the descriptions. "pulsing through the leaves", "rushing into your hands"- that's gorgeous. Especially the ending:

Short and sweet

It’s punctuation.

A raindrop on your breath.

I like that short, quick, kind of staccato rhythm to it. It has its charm. I though it was a good ending to your short, rain-themed poem.

Good job!

-Katie, from the Review Marathon (link's in the profile!)