Reviews for The Kingdom
The True Dreamer chapter 1 . 3/22/2009
Hello there! I thought this little oneshot was superb! I like how it is both a fairy-tale and something that means so much more. 'Evil never dies' is what I got from your story. It will forever be there to catch you just when you mess up. But one must know what the evil is in order to stay away from it, in order to control it and put it back in its place like the monster in you story. The monster in your story can mean so many things: Money, sex, drugs, etc. And the princess is your hope and your strength and disipline giving you the power you need to over come whatever it is that threatens you. I'd say this is a pretty powerful fairy tale that I was really able to take to heart. And as for "The Kingdom", it's going in faves! Nice work(o)