Reviews for A Black Rose
Katie Nicole chapter 1 . 4/4/2009

I'm thankful I read this after the first piece.. Pain Without Love, I think it was called?

At first I didn't understand how it was related to the first story, and as soon as you mentioned the child's name I thought, "Bingo."

This was miraculously written. Truly marvelous. When I read your first, shorter story, I thought it had a lot of potential but was rather weak - but this is hardly weak. This piece made your introductory piece worthwhile. You're so brave and brash in this. You don't bother being soft - you touch on the darkest subjects without hesitance, boldly and 100% - which is amazing.

And the way you describe the main character's feelings, his longings, his struggle - it's eerily intense and believeable and frightening.

Excellent, wonderful job with this!


Vii Zee chapter 1 . 3/26/2009
This was really deep...I loved the way you conveyed his emotions. And I really felt sorry for his daughter...[ Great story all the same!