Reviews for Elimiation
Singkatsu chapter 1 . 7/8/2009
A mutant story! I haven't read one of these in awhile, though this one puts a little twist on things. A classic scapegoat strategy on the part of Tyson Burns, using them to further his own ends and avoid taking the blame for his own shortcomings. It is good to see that the mutants are fighting back however, and not in a manner similar to the X-men series, with both taking their own sides accordingly...though then again one can never be sure what is to come when a story like this appears, so I may be wrong.

A good start though! Poor Lieutenant, things really don't seem to be going well for him, too many things, happening in too short a period and with little time to react to. The set or background for the story was well presented and interaction within the coffee shop and good demonstration of just how that society is and its insight into such things. Again, the best of luck and here's to hoping there will be more soon to come!