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HayateXNagi chapter 23 . 5/3/2016
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Hey! How can you forgot that u had unfinishad story to updates? I have waited like an ages to read the complet you will update soon.I like your story by the way (y) :).
Guest chapter 23 . 11/27/2015
More, More, More. I love it. Please keep on writing...! PLease ..!
Loveless Little Girl chapter 21 . 4/2/2015
Please Update soon!
Bahati chapter 23 . 3/16/2015
Eric and Louise are upto something, I don't like this
Guest chapter 23 . 1/20/2015
Thank god you're back, waiting for ages for the update, I hope you make fast updates in the future.

I love how everything's going, the down to earth Sam envy me, I hope it's stick in her till the end.
I know she felt bad, but I don't understand how she truly feel, there should be a good reason for William to part Lucas from his mother. well yeah Sam's time now.
Please2...give us the fast update...thank you so much
renegade01 chapter 23 . 12/27/2014
I love Sam. She's so cute and innocent ;-)
Wandering Reader chapter 23 . 12/6/2014
Glad that you're back! please keep updating!
shadowgirl618 chapter 23 . 12/5/2014
Oh my god. THANK YOU for updating. it has been absolutely forever, so i literally just reread your entire story, and cannot wait for your next chapter. I'm loving the interplay between the characters, keep it up! Can't wait for your next chapter. :)
Loveless Little Girl chapter 23 . 12/2/2014
Thank You very much for updating! I saw it before but I have exams going on so I wasn't able to read it before... I really like the story, and 'till we meet next time! IT's Wonderful! I love Samantha!
mylittleprincess chapter 23 . 12/1/2014
I love Samantha so much, her character its kind and naive and funny, and thank you for update :D
mylittlePRINCESS chapter 22 . 9/22/2014
I love this story so much, so please UPDATE :D
Loveless Little Girl chapter 22 . 11/29/2013
I really love this story ! I've been re-re-re-reading this story for more than a year now! I'm going insane now! Please update soon !
ross chapter 22 . 8/31/2013
when is the next chapter will come
fantabulosafan chapter 8 . 8/11/2013
Hello! This is me rereading your fab fic because I'm so desperate for an update! I enjoy the storyline very much, however, upon rereading I found small, yet annoying flaws. I would recommend that you check the grammar. The fic is littered with grammar mistakes e.g. "more er." Also, I think the flow of the story would be greatly improved if you used one tense, for example stick to present tense. I noticed that the characters (Sam and William) at times seem hysterical, with very rapid mood changes and extreme hype. It might be that you're trying to make them different and original, but I honestly think that they (all of the characters) need to be more grounded, less flighty and less prone to sudden bouts of temper. Why the devil did I have to reread and see all the flaws? I hope to read an update soon, and perhaps cleanup of the previous chapters, since I do honestly enjoy your story. My aim was to provide constructive criticism and not to offend. Thank you. Cheers to the fun!
EndlessDelenaObsessedDesire chapter 22 . 1/25/2013
What are you doing Its been more than a year! I am dying and eagerly waiting for the next chapter.. Please Update Soon.. :) Pretty Please Sis... ;)
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