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AR Kenny chapter 1 . 8/15/2020
This is my favorite book I've read and I am so sad that I can't read it all again! I know you updated a year ago about finding an author but im curious if you have...or if you have the entire work you could email to me! ;) Please let me know Ive been dying to read it again!
Guest chapter 32 . 5/27/2018
I think other people have said this, but PLEASE TELL US IF/WHERE/WHEN YOU GET PUBLISHED. Not having an outlet to read the rest of this (but knowing it exists) is painful and maddening. Saying this with the greatest admiration and love because I'm really just dying to buy and read your work!
Belle chapter 1 . 4/28/2016
Where is the story? I want to read it (
Stranger chapter 32 . 10/14/2015
I feel really disappointed that the book is no longer available. I have searched around and have found nothing online. The writing is amazing and I hope one day you succeed in publishing it. I just wish I could of read more.
dear writer chapter 9 . 2/15/2015
So uh, i really love the beggining, and from what i gather, you are publishing, or had already published this book. The chapters here just stop, there aren't any, and i can't find the book anywhere, i'm certain it doesn't sell where i live. I don't even know if you read the reviews anymore but if you do, could you please put the story back, i'd really, really like to read it till the end
Pretty pwease? :3
Anyhow, i'm really impressed, great work
Psychotic blonde reader
Harlo chapter 32 . 7/30/2014
Finally, the end of you book. I feel… sad now. Like I lost a good friend. I guess that is a good thing though, right? Alright, since you wanted an evaluation for your novel as a whole- here it goes:

I’ve laughed harder than I have from a book before, I’ve cried harder than I have from a book before, I’ve done more happy dances than any other novel that I can think of, I’ve sung and squealed and hid under the covers in fear and excitement than I have with any ever book before. You are a wonderful writer. Haven’s Demise is A material in my eyes.

It was not rushed, it was true to feelings (all feelings), it captured all the right moments in all the right ways, and it was something that makes you want to walk around and kick a rock along a road for a while. You know that feeling? I loved your characters; they were all so strong and loveable. Especially Hamilton. The plot line was amazing. I can’t believe how many genres you packed into one novel but it was REFRESHING. This novel had romance (an awesome one at that) but it was slow and steady. They didn’t even kiss until technically book 2. But it was amazing- the tension, the fear, the anxiety- it was all true to real world feelings.

But the best part about your novels, if you took away that genre, there are still amazing layers of adventure/ paranormal/ fantasy/ thriller/ drama/ and horror beside it. And I mean it. Your work didn’t partially address those themes, they had such a huge foundation themselves- each one could have been decided as the center stage genre from this novel. But I am still thankful that the romance was there…. It made it all the more special. This story had nothing lacking, and it was so nice to find myself on the edge of my seat scared as shit, than diving under my pillows in embarrassment because Eryn did something too hysterically stupid and I just want to die with her, to crying my eyes out and having to cope with certain plot turns. This novel addressed uncomfortable things in our everyday life of the real world; child rape, gang violence, bulling, suicide, prejudice, and act of god accidents. And you bet your bottom dollar I was not prepared for that. And I sincerely hope you don’t ever change those bits about this story. Things happen in life- the true beauty of your novel was that it wasn’t a random fairytale. You gave every element variables. You technically connected worlds- and just because there are demons, does NOT mean there isn’t science. What an awesome way to write something.

And that’s why it’s so hard to cope with the fact this book has ended. It took a lot out of me, almost like I really was a part of it, and now that I’m done- I’m just sitting here like…. What do I do now? And I want to reread it already and see what I missed the first time around!

So here’s my honest to god opinion, this is my favorite story ever. Hands down. I know you’ll need an editor to polish this off, but even right now it’s truly remarkable. This story has given me such an intense rush of feelings and emotions, I can’t even stress to you how impressed and amazed I am. I look forward to seeing this published- I hope you find a good publisher/agent who can help you advertise this well. God knows it’s going to be successful.

I look forward to all your other stories Nightingales. I am most defiantly a lifelong fan.

Best of luck,

Harlo chapter 31 . 7/30/2014
Wooooooow. Falling Star was a great chapter. I honestly thought it would begin from the moment she woke up to her trying to find them within like a couple of weeks. But nope, not with you. Not with miss “does whatever she wants with the plot line” (in a good way- a really good way). I felt hopeless like Eryn did, you painted such an idea that this really could all have been fake, that she could have made it up in her head that I was starting to believe that this was really going to be the reality. It was so sad to have such an amazing character thrown back into everyday life like that. You did a wonderful job of making all the little innocent stuff seem toxic. As a reader, after everything that I personally went through with Eryn (all the effing horror too missy *shudders*), it was like a splash of cold water having to read about her recovery, her fearing none of it existed. But then…. Death came for her. Ha! I couldn’t figure out what his role was until that point. And I love the irony of it- he literally represented the truth about our everyday lives. He’s there in every story, but he’s back seat for the most part. When I only thought of him as Charon, I couldn’t understand why you wouldn’t bring his character out more… but now it all makes sense. And you seriously have a creative imagination. The moment Jeremiah talks about the sheathe… and Eryn realized what that field tool was far… UGGGh, how do you come up with these things?!

I am SO happy Eryn found David again. That was such a bittersweet moment. For the first time, they finally have a hold on each other- a real hold- and I don’t think either of them will be letting go anytime soon.
Abby chapter 32 . 7/28/2014
Thank you for this novel. This is what I have been looking for from a story for a long time now. I love the things you write; I decided to read this book because I've been reading your other work "Just smile and Nod" (which is breath taking btw) and I saw that you had this story up for only a little while longer and I thought- Oh snap I better read this before she takes it down. Considering this is two novels and is 230k long…..
I still read this in two days. Wow. And it wasn’t necessarily because I knew I was on a time crunch, I really just couldn’t put it down. Your story had patience, it didn’t rush through things. The plot wasn’t an obvious give away as to what would make everything right again at the end….

But it was so darn good I couldn’t put it down. I wanted to know what everyone’s secrets were, what that “red” thing was that was hunting her….

And in the end, it was so incredibly sad. I knew I’d cry from the other reviews, but I still couldn’t help it. It was a bitter sweet cry though, in the best way possible. And that’s why I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for sharing on this site, growing with us, and giving us something so great before it makes its way off to the real world.

Your work is amazing, your writing is amazing. You’re definitely going to great in the publishing world.

Best of luck! I will be looking for your novels on the bookshelves. Let me know when they get published and I will definitely go and buy your books.

InItToWinIt chapter 32 . 5/8/2014
I want to cry. I didn’t want this to end. Omg, I can’t even think straight right now. This is the best thing I have ever read. I’m not even joking. I wasn’t too sure, I thought this would be a vampire novel or something ( I know don’t hate me), and you must have edited this because some of the reviews made me think the beginning started out a little slow, but it was far from it. Sooo far from it. I was entranced the moment I started reading and so I have to applaud you f or that. You seriously took a risk in making it almost look like that in the very beginning- and then BAM. There’s the true plot line, true story, true everything and I can’t be more thankful I read this. I loved, LOVED, the way you wrote scenes. I loved the horror, the unsureness, the THOUGHT that went into this. If there was an award for most unique plot line- I’d think you’d win it.

YOU HAVE TO PUBLSIH THIS. I am serious- I just read one of the most gripping and suspenseful stories of my life… and I read it on Fictionpress of all places. This tops books that are already best sellers. When you try to find a publisher- direct them here. Seriously- tell them to read through the reviews for this story (NOT THE SPOILER ONES THOUGH- That’s the best part of your story).

I really want to re-read this already, but I know you’re taking this down officially so that you can try to get it off into the real world. Thank you for taking the time out of your life to write this, thank you for giving me something so special to have read.

I look forward to more of your stories; you’ve more than proved yourself as an author.
Guest chapter 32 . 4/29/2014
Wow, omg, I loved this. Dear god I don't think I've ever cried so hard at an ending. Thank you for writing this, it was truly beautiful!-

TOtheLIBRARYandBEYOND chapter 32 . 4/28/2014
Hmmmm… very very interesting book. It wasn’t how I expected it to go at all, but I loved it all the same. I will say that there were grammatical and spelling errors, but otherwise I have no complaints. I like your writing style, not quite Prose, but close; just with more sense to it. I like your characters a lot, too much so that I feel bummed out now that I have finished your novels, (that and all the tears that just wouldn’t stop pouring out). When you get this published will you post the notice here? I would very much like to have a copy! But have you considered self-publishing? I’m sure that your story will be very successful in that market as it was such a good read all around.

This will probably be one of my all-time favorite stories, though your other novel ‘Just Smile and Nod’ is how I came here… and I REALLY love that one too. Haha. But there was just something different about your plot line here… it was new for me to read to novel in which things I had never considered were strung together in a whole new light. I now secretly feel different about people in comas, haha but just don’t tell anyone.

The beginning of your story was fun because I got a sense of where she was and I slowly understood what was happening. I’m glad that you didn’t rush through it; it made the explanations of what was going on more believable. I hate it when novels will have a random, quick, and oh so “convenient” person that suddenly explains the problem and then BOOM let’s get this counter plan started. It’s just not realistic when all the information is present to a protagonist at the beginning and they all of a sudden know what to do. So like I said, it was fun and nerve racking to be Eryn and slowly realize how the world around worked as chapters went by. And once those plot pieces finally revealed themselves, I realized how the story would start going and everything started making sense.

I liked everyone’s back story, and I liked how Eryn was able to see them. When I first started reading that she was seeing their memories, I didn’t really questions it (it was just kind of one of those roll with it types that don’t really bother you) but then finally as it got towards the middle in end, I realized the important of all the little “Random” stuff that was about that world and HOW MUCH SENSE it all made. Like I said, I now look at things differently ;P One thing that I was not prepared for (And you might want to put up a little notice) was that this actually had some scary moments. Like, horror movie scary moments. And it’s GREAT that you could convey that via mere words but JEEZE my heart about tore from my chest and I had a hard time walking alone after that. Haha.

But now we get to your ending. “A raven took flight”. OUCH, right through the heart. That was…. *shudders*…. I don’t want to spoil that part but those last chapters were where all the magic truly happened, which is saying a lot because the story itself was great too. But I just can’t even do it justice having that ending like that. I loved Charon. He was a lot more of a minor character than I thought he would be, and at first I didn’t quite understand his presence but then at the end… when Eryn finds out, and I was like “Oh.. Oh god” And it just made so much sense because almost all folklore and religion are from the same old stories from the Greek, Roman, and Jerusalem times.

I loved that your story had such a stance in it all. And it brought out points about how ever culture has some worship of water…. And it’s kind of eerie now that I think about it. And that included the bit about the scythe! When I read that! UGHHHHHH.

I’m hoping you get the published- it’s totally worthy of it! And please don’t stop writing your other stories- I don’t know how the whole publishing/copy right thing goes, but the stories are all so great too and I want to see them out in the world as well! (Just finish them first ;P)

So THANK you for putting these chapters back up for just a bit so more readers can view it before you try to get it published. And I’m sorry about the people who are being rude to you for having it down for a bit so that it could be edited.

But above all else, thank you for writing this story and sharing it with the world.
Angie chapter 32 . 2/17/2014
This was all a reader could ask for in a story. It was amazing; I cannot stress to you how much I loved it. I wasn’t really prepared for some plot turns… and it left me… well, very sad and very solemn at some things. But I know that they really happen in real life, and so I am glad that you didn’t make this novel a rose colored glasses type of work. But in regards to your other plot pieces, WOW. I am a big mythical girl. I have a hundred books about all the Greek, Roman, Norwegian, Irish, and so on so forth myths. And after reading this… I can’t help but to look at them differently. You did such a wondrous job of creating a world devoid of all cultures and yet a representative of them all. If I remember your quote correctly, “Old or new, they all cast the same shadow. It makes you question every feirie tale you've ever heard."

Aw, what a wonderful thing to read. I was baffled by Charon at first… but then when you finally realize who he is. Brilliant. Truly Brilliant. I could go on and on about how much I enjoyed this story, perhaps it’s because it was nowhere what I was expecting. Your protagonist was STRONG. God, what a relief that was. The romance was slow; not rushed, and stayed true to realistic emotions and realistic feelings. She deeply bonded with all characters, and as the reader- getting to experience everyone’s story made it even more emotional at the end.

I felt like I was Eryn, I felt like I was wandering around in such a scary world, trying to survive the un-survivable. The immediate strain of what her “Best option, best fate” was very different, very unique. Most times in stories, the protagonist is faced with a doom and a bright side of “Well if we make it to the mountain in time-we’ll survive this.” Eryn’s doom was Hell… her salvation … to just die like she was normally supposed to. *Exhales deeply* It was a weight on our shoulders, but it made such a beautiful story. And I loved the ending, it didn’t go how I thought it would but it was better than I could have ever imagined.

Obviously, I cried when I got the chapter 30. I cried, and cried and cried. The next chapter then gave you a pit in your stomach, “Was this all fake- did any of this story happen”, and then you finally get to the end… and you’re overcome a such peace... And you’re okay with everything that happened. You finally read the last line of the novel, and you click away feeling different.

And for that, I say THANK YOU. And I know I am not the only one, I can see other reviews in response to the epilogue. You’ve given me a story that I will always hold dear to my heart, and I know that I will be coming back here to re-read this. If a publisher picks up your story, please let us know. You have fans on every end of the globe. :)

Agent Spice chapter 32 . 2/17/2014
Where do I begin? How did you come up with such a story? I loved every second of it, I loved all the characters, I loved the chaos and the peacful moments, I loved how raw and wonderful it was. Thank you thank you thank you. I am so happy I stumbled across this story. Truly, this is one of my all time favorite stories. Its very emotional at the end, but in a way that brings you to peace. This will be a stone skipper, that I know. I'm just so happy I had the privlage of reading this. I look forward to all your other stories. God knows you're a wonderful writer. - Sam
Agent Spice chapter 31 . 2/17/2014
YESS! Oh god, thank you for doing that! What a wonderful chapter. At first, while I was reading it- I was so scared you were going to make it all a part of her head. Like we would never know if any of it had ever happened or was real. I felt so sad and lost as well as I read it. Eryn (Kristine)'s pov is so stong and emotional. And when she goes to all those places, your mind makes you believe it will be like every other story- that at the last second she'll turn around and BOOM, he's there. Its so cleche', but its always done so I never panicked. Until I realized you werent doing that. Until I remebered you coudlnt guve a damn about following the 'normal' plot line. But I was not dissapointed. If I could, I would kiss you in happiness. THANK YOU!
Agent Spice chapter 30 . 2/17/2014
That... was so beautful, I'm crying my eyes out right now. oh god, seriously. What a tragic and wonderful chapter, it truly just makes your heart take flight and break at the same time.
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