Reviews for Mythology, Inc
PoetOfSaiMiHunManKal chapter 1 . 10/12/2016
An interesting and tragic take on the old legend of the Grim Reaper. As always, your writing is exceptionally great with all the emotional turmoil and suffering experienced by the characters being expressed quite well. The whole concept of ordinary people working as supernatural entities and doing the things we think mythical beings are responsible for (and earning a salary for it) is a scenario I've never come across before. The possible aesops you put into this story (some jobs are excruciatingly difficult, loyalty vs. duty, interfering with destiny can lead to death) were all impressively handled and I liked how subtle they were. The only part I was confused by was the allusion to Heaven and Hell you put in regarding where collected souls are taken. Given that this is set in the US I can understand that most of the souls would be Christian but I'm curious as what you'd write happens to the souls of Atheists, Buddhists, Tengriists, and other religions.

But overall another excellently written story. Well done!
Laura Schiller chapter 2 . 4/2/2009
Really good, smart and original. A female Grim Reaper is an interesting thought, and I like how tough and no-nonsense she is while still being kind. The idea of a mythology company, with a cafeteria and cubicles and everything...and of course we have to be politically correct even about elves. :)

The scene with Jackie in Chapter Two sounds very real and heartfelt; you're good with dialogue. Are you going to continue it or leave it like this?