Reviews for ConformDisdain
cetus.nightmare chapter 1 . 4/4/2009
I could shower you with praise, because I think this is probably one of the better ones, but perhaps it is better for the constructive criticism, no?

I thought that in several of the past ones the last one-line didn't quite integrate with the rest of the poem. This one, however, fits very well - a tag to a package, almost. The others felt a little tacked on, which, though good in its own way if it had only been done once, left me feeling a little misright.

Oh, and I was simply wondering if 'I'll never meet you gaze' was a typo, or not. In this beautiful, beautiful poem, I don't know-

but I think it ranks quite on top, beside all the others. Other poems, that is. Maybe I'm just in the right mood.

Or maybe it's just that good. Thank you for writing it; it is beautiful.