Reviews for Twilight: Beyond the Books
Laura Schiller chapter 1 . 7/21/2009
I quite agree with you. Speaking of minor characters, I found Ms. Meyer's treatment of Bella's friend Angela rather unfair. She's a quite decent girl who cares about Bella, but after the wedding, she completely disappears from the plot. Bella doesn't even e-mail her as she promised she would. That's no way to treat a friend.

Besides that, I think the series projects an unhealthy attitude about aging and death: that it's something horrible to be avoided (see Bella's nightmare in 'New Moon' about looking like her grandmother) instead of a natural part of life. What's so great about being immortal? Wouldn't the Cullens all get sick and tired of each other after a few centuries?

Plus the idea of snuggling with a living ice block gives me the creeps.
Said Author chapter 1 . 6/4/2009
You read TwilightSucks dot com? :D

Look at Arzim's rebuttal; a lot of the points you brought up are there and in more extensive detail if fangirls don't take the hint. XD

Oh, and thank you for not giving up on literature. ;P

Keep it up! :)
the meaning of life chapter 1 . 4/14/2009
I was going to write one of these too, but I was a afraid that people would be all like "OMG! I can't believe she wrote that! I hate her!" And there were too many points that it would end up being like eight pages long!

Oh, doing forget that Edward is also emotionally abusive to Bella, not that I feel bad for her becuase she should realize that she needs more of a life than mopping around the house and crying becuase Edward's not there anymore (New Moon).

And werewolves are just pedophiles with an excuse and a lame one if that. I haven't even heard anyone say that they liked that part of the book! Oh and Jacob is my favorite character if I was FORCED to have one. The rest are really two-dimensional with no depth whatsoever.

And Bella's only thing that makes her stand out is her clumsiness, which just ended up really annoying to read about over and over and over. And also she's no even clumsy in Breaking Dawn becuase she had vampire powers.

In conclusion that book sucked ass. it was pitifully written and the movie sucked even more because of the horrendous acting. I totally agree with you on every single aspect.

-The Meaning Of Life
Julius Gillian chapter 1 . 4/5/2009
Excuse me, may I have permission to post this as a note on my facebook for my friends to read? I would also like to consider posting this on the walls of my school with your permission. I will give you due credit and a link will be provided.

I hope the above implies how impressed I am with this, and how it struck a cord with me.

Thank you,

- Julian
Loki the Jackal chapter 1 . 4/5/2009
Someone with SENSE.

I love this, and I agree with everything.

The most I want in a guy is an okay personality and a sense of humor. I'll never understand these Twilight fans...

Beautiful critique.
Lost dans Ubersetzung chapter 1 . 4/4/2009
I'm a twentysomething male being badgered by other twentysomething males that I NEED to read these as they are like "an owner's manual to women."

I think,"My My! That does sound like an enticing and progressive piece of women's literature!"

What I took from the entire story is that I keep being too NICE to the women in my life. I need to start being a total control-freak, borderline emotionally abusive. Then, and only then, will they will only want me more, but only if I have something that sparkles, like pixie dust, or an Audi. This book taught me that all females of strong character are easily distracted by shiny things.

I agree with you, but most of all found the sense of humor in this very familiar and effective. Thank you for combating the prevelence of "Twilight" obsession on this site and in society. :)