Reviews for Human Weapon
Maplewing chapter 2 . 4/14/2009
Got a thing for dogs named Scotch? ;D

The thing I like about this chapter is that you filled it with all sorts of unique details that really help you (as in the reader, but I didn't want to say 'us' cause I'd sound like a schizo or 'me' because there are probably others reading this) get to know Aaron. And that was an extremely run-on sentence. My apologies.

Some examples: him naming of his clothes, a little trait that's really very endearing, the background information on Jerry (great name, and so is Elizabeth for a guy. Seriously.), and his attraction to Emma. By the way, the line "she threw herself out the window and escaped through the city with her cat." made me smile. I would love to do that. Cats are great, and that sounds like fun. XD

Oh, something I didn't mention yet. I love the line "The mutations they had been unable to suppress that had been my parents’ bane were now helping to bring down what they had professed that I obey." It's just great. Really awesome, nice job. :D

Also, the whole re-education thing is cool. I'm enjoying reading this, and I hope you update it soon. On second thought, take your time. I see that you've just posted this chapter yesterday. COngrats. :D
Maplewing chapter 1 . 4/14/2009
Damn, this is good. For a first chapter, it got ahold of my attention fast. Probably because you used the word DNA. I am a sucker for genetic engineering. But more than that, just because I like your writing style.

So yeah, I'm the girl who reviewed your other story. And then I saw that you needed more reviews, so I moved to this one. Yup, I'm glad I did. C:

The sentence at the begininning "They had offered me death instead of the transfusion, but like the asshole I was, I had picked a DNA transfusion." was pretty cool, sort of put his pain into perspective. If it were me, I'd choose the same thing. Sort of a life goal for me though. ...But enough on that.

The girl that shows up seems cool, I like how "X" says that he's torn between horror and delight. Great way to put it. :D

The last line really makes me want to continue reading, which is great for you. So I shall. See you in another chapter.