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acatsrain chapter 6 . 8/11/2010
This is well written and I love your characters so far. Gives me a bit of inspiration on the story idea front. Of course I think I'm focusing on a personality trait I kind of whimsically made up and probably won't even matter but... oh well.

I'm really looking forward to what else you have for this so I hope you continue it.
sarcasm is my middle name chapter 6 . 1/22/2010
Great! Love it, and it's interesting.
funnechick chapter 6 . 6/8/2009
Just discovered this and I really, really like it! I love the friendship and dynamics between the three characters and I can't wait to read more!
rebelprincess012 chapter 6 . 5/31/2009
OMG I loved ur story Please update its really great
colie chapter 6 . 5/31/2009
ok so I love the story so far! this is what I think is happening

..Reid does have feelings for Siri and is attracted to Siri but he does not want to risk the trio, proably feelings arent that strong..and he also knows the Lex has feelings for Siri...Reid is attracted to Aline, more so because he cant do anything with his attraction for Siri...Lex on the other hand is a playboy, obviously lol, who likes Siri but does not know..neither does Siri...and he has countless tryst with other girls...Reid knows about Lexs feelings...add in Landon and this will be the first time that Siri is taken away from the boys by another boy(protentially boyfriend!)..and Reid knows that things are going to change between them as a trio..boyfriend proabably not comfortable with the closeness...and also it will probably make Lex aware of his feelings for Siri...and make him jealous..maybe even Reid aswell cause she becomes closer with a boy who is not Lex and Reid.

uh, I LOVE the story lol! i had to get that off my chest. KEEP WRITING!
MarloCarlo10 chapter 6 . 5/30/2009
Good chapter!
Random Awesome chapter 6 . 5/29/2009
i love your story! i just love the waythey interact with earch other!
serako chapter 6 . 5/29/2009
i think this story is absolutely adorable. :) i think all the characters are so well defined, and the three of them together definitely have a wonderful chemistry. especially lex and siri. :) but i think you're right that reid and siri need a bit more screen time together as well. i'd definitely like to see what their relationship is like in comparison to lex and siri's.

the only thing is that sometimes, when you do transitions from one place and time to another, it's not always clear. like when siri met landon for the first time, i was kind of confused how she got from laying on the swing on her porch to the bridge with landon hovering over her. it's a bit abrupt and disrupts the flow of your wonderful writing. anyways, i hope you update soon because i have no clue who you plan on making siri end up with, and i'm definitely interested to find out how things are going to change between the three of them!
We Used To Wait chapter 6 . 5/29/2009
Dude, I love how you write! It sounds like you're comfortable with what you are doing, which is how it should be. heartsheartshearts.

i really like it. and i love the two boys; they make me smile.

update real soon.

jenny chapter 5 . 5/10/2009
Seriously, I am pretty much diggin this story. It's a nice little love triangle (or rhombus) and I really would like it if you could update soon. Because I really want to know what happens next.

The Flashbacks are lovely by the way.

Siri is awesome. And I can't help but love Lex. Reid is cool too, but with Lex, there's that spark.

again, update soon. (I'll be checking)
We Used To Wait chapter 5 . 4/26/2009
Aww, sho cute. Update soon, will you? This story grabbed by interest from chapter one. Meh. And i like that she isn't a marry-sue character. the boys' younger version are adorable. but is really hasn't changed since they grew actually. and i love the conversation that take place; they seem so real. and the people don't really seem like stereotypical peeps.

so. . . that's all for now! update soon.

We Used To Wait chapter 3 . 4/26/2009
It was actually humourous! I applaud you for that. hee hee
We Used To Wait chapter 1 . 4/26/2009
Lawl. I liked the dad telling her off for her sticky note use.
jessie0754 chapter 5 . 4/19/2009
This is very entertaining so far :) keep on going!
MarloCarlo10 chapter 5 . 4/17/2009
Cute story love it!
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