Reviews for Act Appalled
diffident chapter 1 . 4/8/2009
Wow, this poem is a slap in the face-heart-wrenchingly beautiful and tragically shocking, turning the reader on his/her head. Definitely a favorite. Your turns of rhyme are absolutely brilliant ("worm ridden caskets, / wooden handbaskets to hell"); I'm almost jealous.

My only qualm is with the resolution. I feel like it's a bit sudden, a bit contrived ("I laugh at the absurdity / and weep"). Maybe absurdity is not the right word. But the suddenness I understand; it is, after all, a "slap of grief". I don't know, this was such a strong poem but the last two lines were weak. Also, there's a run-on after "staring at a shell".

But other than that, this was absolutely fantastic, and I'll definitely be looking at more of your poetry.