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Sonja1023 chapter 26 . 10/19/2015
I just wanted to let you know that I finished this story in less than a day! I really enjoyed it (obviously). There were some loose ends that weren't completely tied up (like why exactly Raun never had sex with her, why didn't he comment on her "change of status", why DID Lucy attack Rade in the alley? How did Gavin feel for her? Was he ok with it? Etc.)

I saw the story was posted years and years ago but I figured a review is always nice!
Vallucast chapter 10 . 9/1/2014
Your story is one of wonderfully sinful piece of art... when youll get it printed?
Julietish chapter 26 . 8/10/2014
This is late, but here's the review one of the judges at A Drop of Romeo wrote for your story:

In high school, I devoured Anne Rice's vampire novels and became obsessed with the idea of mythical beings. Lately, vampires are a bit overdone and cliche at times for me and the repetitive story lines and character arcs can make modern day vampire lore a daunting read. However, if you're a lover of good vampire stories from back in the day like I am, A Touch of Sight by CU-kid is such a refreshing twist! As the author said herself, A Touch of Sight isn't a story about vampires, but a story with a few vampires thrown in for good measure.

This story has a bit of everything: old feuds, lost loves, magic, clairvoyance, mythology... the list goes on and on, but anything further would be a spoiler ;). Ophelia, our heroine, has legitimate fears and phobias brought on by her mysterious condition and past, but manages to seem strengthened by them rather than weak and needy. Rade, the male lead (kind of. There are a few to choose from), is so far removed from the obsessive, controlling bad boy character you expect him to be upon first meeting him. I loved that his character arc surprised me so much. I think my favorite part of this story honestly was the quirks developed in Ophelia from events in her past. It was fascinating to me how CU-kid played with the dilemma of psychological scars. Her characters were interesting, complex, and each one received equal treatment, which can be a challenge in a character driven story with so many important characters. Also, the mythology behind the plot was unique, well developed, clearly researched, and exciting. It comes to a satisfying conclusion that leaves few holes which impressed me to no end.

A warning before you jump into this enjoyable read: the story is quite graphic. It's rated M and it earns every bit of that rating. The most explicit chapter comes with a warning at the beginning, so if you're still wanting to read, you can avoid the most graphic bit. There is an age warning and I would be remise for not telling you of that ahead of time. I personally wasn't bothered by it, but to each their own.

My own issue with the story is that I do have some questions. While the plot of the novel was resolved, I find myself wondering what will happen after the story ends. I don't know if CU-kid is ever planning a sequel, but there is certainly room for one. However, I also kind of like the idea of an uncertain future. The future is always uncertain, after all. Also, there are a few instances where I was wanting a bit more information, but I think that came from being so deeply invested in the characters. I wanted those extra details to better understand their motivations and needs. This is a character driven work, in my opinion, with a detailed, enjoyable plot. If you have a few hours to escape into another world - one a bit more dark, sinister, and exciting than your own, I think A Touch of Sight is a story for you.

Happy reading!
R. Ficst chapter 26 . 2/2/2014
Nice work. Thank you for posting!

I feel like some of their relationship could be expanded and developed more. The themes of jealousy and monogamy could definitely use a little more, particularly because they seem unconventional to your main character, and with how easily she accepts and falls into it, it would be good to know more of the emotional development and thought process.
Reverie-enchantee chapter 26 . 1/3/2012
Hello, what a strange story! I felt puzzled more than once. May be because of the genre. I sometimes had the feeling that, like the bloodbond, there was an area of unknown, blurred boundaries, indecisiveness. May be because I still have questions unanswered. I enjoy reading how writers play with vampires. Temporal boundaries is what interests me the most. It sometimes reminded me of a "huiclos" without the confined space. I hope it makes sense _
blythely chapter 26 . 11/9/2011
Oh MY GOD. this is so good. it's breathtaking. youre officially one of my favourite authors, EVER. i don't get why this doesn't have more reviews, it's so underrated! i HEART HEART HEART this to trillionth degree.
secretlifeofmegan chapter 26 . 8/14/2011
I don't understand how this story doesn't have more reviews. I loved it. I think it's my favorite story I've read of yours. I read the whole thing in like two days. Love it.
Handsome Devil chapter 26 . 7/25/2011
I have no words. This story was amazing. I think I may just be in love with each of the characters... yes, I really mean each of them.

Ok not Raum or Lucy :p

But anyway, this was a lovely story. Rade, Sorin, and Lucien..I also have no words for. Let's just say that our dear main character is one lucky lady! Haha.

I loved reading this. And I love you for writing this. Thanks again :)

I will probably be re-reading this in the near future.

PS: I enjoyed this so much..I basically read it in one sitting! I couldn't turn away!
CrimsonSilence chapter 9 . 6/11/2011
Yep you're on my favorite authors list because you quote yann martel and ralph waldo emerson...also because you write well as well
i-wish-i-had-wings chapter 26 . 5/4/2011
this story was seriously delicious xD i think i'll always remember that scene when she walked in on them and rade was chained..phew! i actually didn't mind that she was a female, i generally like slash better since it's more than one hot guy but damn this story was hot, lol. i liked how you made the vampires and every other supernatural being out to be, uniqe ) i've read a lot of vampire-stories *cough* (can you say guilty pleasure?) but i've never read anything quite like this..thank you so much for sharing
ClearBlueSkies chapter 26 . 3/1/2011
Lol, dude this story is WACK! *in the absolute best way*

haha, I heart you and your writing dude! Its amazing!

Seriously, you mind-f**k me everytime dude!

Nah, FARK! Your stories are EPICEPICEPIC!


WishesofImmortality chapter 1 . 2/10/2011
*happy sigh* This was wonderful. I haven't read a vampire story in forever - i used to love them, pre-twilight, but then they became every teenage girl's wet dream and i got annoyed, especially with the ones on FP. I'm glad I didn't realize this one had vamps in it until I was already hooked. :D

Just a few things: in the beginning, when Rade originally comes to ask for help, it's because his friends have been killed. The story goes on to show that he's extremely attached and intimate with his comrades, but he never really sees to mourn them, at least where Lia can see, which makes their deaths feel kind of... pointless.

Also, Lia's history with Raum... it was a really cool plot,very original, but I feel like the opening chapters could have kinda led into it a bit more. As it was, it felt kind of like you'd decided on it at the last minute and just threw it in there. Wouldn't she have thought about it a bit more, or at least alluded to it in the several chapters before his character was introduced since it was a huge part of her life? And how did she know what her stepmom had done (summoned him) if she was killed immediately?

I have to say, I LOVELOVELOVE that you didn't make her pick between the guys. I'm writing a polyamorous relationship in my latest story, and it just made me grin the whole time. *beaming smile*

Judging by your author's notes, you already know that the ending battles were a bit rushed, so I won't harp on that. Haha.

I know this story's finished, so I normally wouldn't have bothered critiquing, but I loved this story, so I'm kind of hoping you'll follow through on the rewrite so i have a good excuse to reread. Let me know if you ever need a beta or CP, because I'd love to help out. :)

And congrats on your SKoW nom! I'm off to read that story next.

Happy writing,

jlr chapter 26 . 2/2/2011
I had read one of your stories in the past (about Davi), and I really liked it, but I think that this one shows a certain amount of growth in the author. I thought that the writing was excellent, and that the climax was very well designed, if not perfectly executed. All of the craziness going on makes for a very good plot, but it was a little hard not to get confused. But I thought that up until that point you did a really good job of building a story that had a good interaction between plot and character development.

I think that there is enough material for you to write a sequel (if you haven't already done so). Happy writing. ~jlr
minor5chord chapter 19 . 1/28/2011
So I learned about the Fomorians in one of my lectures the other day and immediately thought of this story. I spent a while trying to figure out which one Gavin might first guess was Balor since he does have an eyepatch...

So thanks for making my day!
Chocorange888 chapter 26 . 1/2/2011
I read this in one go today...While I should have been revising...Anyway, I think it's great, with good character development, pace and a very creative story line which is different from the usual vampire/mythology plots (and a group of good looking men is just a bonus). Thank you!
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