Reviews for Sod You, Evander Phillips
natmarie chapter 1 . 2/2/2011
Stumbled on this. I haven't read the other piece, but found myself falling in love with the characters and dynamic all the same (even in such a short piece. Great realistic dialogue and relateable events. :) Adorable.
controlledsoul chapter 1 . 7/13/2009
I couldn't resist reading another one of your story.

Aha. I love this one too! It's just so cute.

And I still love the names that you give ur characters 3

And now~ I shall go read more of ur stories..
lymli chapter 1 . 4/15/2009
the last sentence makes her sweet since the starting made me think it was kinda tough

have a nice days.
brilliantfusion chapter 1 . 4/14/2009
omg i think im in love with evander.

back away slowly leah.
lovefantasyworkreality chapter 1 . 4/13/2009
Whoa, is this foreshadowing for Duct Tape Fixes Everything? I thought you told me they wouldn't get together! Although they'd make an interesting pair with their deviousness. And Leah's way of finding loopholes. On the other hand, this could just be a dream that Leah's having and she wakes up screaming. Haha.
CaveDwellers chapter 1 . 4/10/2009
Oh, don't you hate people you can't stay mad at? It just makes me so MAD-oh wait, they're funny, nevermind... XD

Wow, that's pretty intense. "God you irritate me, Evander" Eye lock, albeit a somewhat bewildered one "What'd I do now?" It's the eye lock. I know for a fact that I don't lock eyes with people too often. It's just so awkward...

Oh, Evander, King of the Quotes. I almost forgot he did that.

C'mon, that Bilbo quote wasn't bad! I'm siding with him on that.

Alright, the Ni thing went too far. That was a horrible ending-and doesn't she have another copy on her computer or something? I don't see how she could be so bothered. Just toss the "corrections" and go with what you think sounds good. I dunno, I just think she's over reacting.

“Since when do you care what I think?”

Since always, baby-hahahaha

"“You care what I think and you think I’m interesting.”"

No, don't say anymore, Leah! You're just digging the proverbial hole deeper! Just excuse yourself on the pretext of needing to wash your feet and get outta there! You can come back mad later! (I actually know someone who's done that. She REALLY wanted to get out of that situation, ironically with a guy she was smitten with at the time)

Trying, being the key word. Oh, the pressure and teenage hormones-such horrible things...

"she was mad at him for trying to distract her from being mad, and now she was near melting point from the way his lips felt on hers, and now she was mad at herself for forgiving him again"

Very frustrating, indeed. She just can't win, can she? Darn Evanders. They always tend to do that to Leahs.

Ooh-BURN, Evander! Haha, I'm kidding. It wasn't that great of a burn. Leah's really the defeated one here

A year, already? Wowzers, you don't say... I can't believe it's actually been that long...

'Til next,

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